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Love Island’s Olivia and Alex Bowen’s lockdown beauty essentials

Laura Bond
Authored by Laura Bond
Posted: Monday, May 11, 2020 - 14:40

Everyone’s beauty routines have changed in lockdown. Without salons, many of us have turned to DIY treatments at home – including Love Island stars Olivia and Alex Bowen.

“I’ve actually quite enjoyed lockdown, I won’t lie – I’ve been taking this time to enjoy being home and being with each other,” says Olivia during Superdrug’s ‘Super Together’ virtual series.

She’s even given Alex a haircut – but that didn’t exactly go to to plan. “My hair was getting out of control,” says Alex. “I have it cut every single week on the back and sides, so I got Liv to shave the bottom of it. She couldn’t blend it and it looked a mess, so I had to bald it off. It’s so bad!”

Luckily, other aspects of their beauty routines have been more successful, with Olivia in particular using the extra time to try out new things. “Hairdressing is probably one that I need to leave alone now,” she admits, but she’s a pro at other at-home treatments…


The Bowens shot to fame on the reality TV show Love Island in 2016, and tanning is a big part of both their beauty routines. “I always find a tan makes me feel better,” says Olivia.

Her top tips for making fake tan look like you’ve just got back from a beach holiday? She says: “Moisturise really heavily 24 hours before, make sure you shave your legs 24 hours before, and when you apply it to dry areas – like knees, elbows, knuckles, ankles and your toes – apply a tiny bit of Vaseline in each place, and then you won’t get the darker dry patches. That works really well for me.”

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One of Olivia’s top goals in quarantine has been to teach Alex how to take care of his skin.

“I’ve never been able to grow a beard, but since lockdown started, I’ve got a little one, so I’ve had to start shaving. I’ve never really done that,” says Alex. With sensitive skin and using a razor, Olivia has been encouraging her husband to use moisturiser on his face.

She’s also a fan of body moisturiser for keeping your fake tan fresh, recommending a cream with vitamin E, “which is really good for your skin”, she says.

In lockdown, Olivia has been honing her skin regime, because she has more time. “I’ve been making sure that I take my make-up off properly, use a toner and a moisturiser without fail every morning and every night. As long as I’m doing that, my skin seems to clear up so much better. It really does help making sure you have that three-step routine.”

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With salons closed, a lot of people have been waxing at home for the first time. This isn’t a huge change for Olivia, who is used to doing it herself – particularly her upper lip area.

“Waxing at home is really easy once you get the hang of it,” she says. Obviously a DIY beauty treatment pro, Olivia’s advice is to “really try and rip the wax strip close to the skin – so you’re not pulling up, you’re pulling across”.

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Just because she’s not going to events doesn’t mean Olivia has shunned make-up entirely. In fact, she’s using the time to play around with beauty and says: “If it looks horrendous, you can just take it straight off – you don’t have to go anywhere.”

Olivia recently did a TikTok video where she really went for a glam look, and she says with a laugh: “Alex came upstairs and saw me in full festival make-up!”

This isn’t to say you’ll always see Olivia in a full face of make-up, though. She’s been posting more pictures and videos on social media with a natural look, saying: “I want other women and girls to feel as confident as I do just being myself.”


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