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The top chat up line is 'You are hotter than the bottom of my laptop'

The cheesiest chat-up lines to get you in the mood for Love Island!

Love them or hate them, a cheesy chat up line can be a great icebreaker - or it can backfire very badly.

To celebrate the latest season of Love Island, revealed the cheesiest chat-up lines – as voted for by the nation.

thortful tasked the UK to submit their cheesiest chat-up lines and vote for the one-liner they deem the most cringe-worthy.


Highest Love Island earners

Chris Hughes named highest-earning Love Islander on Cameo

Chris Hughes has been found to be the highest-earning Love Island contestant on Cameo based on new data, with estimated earnings of £2,340 from just 26 video requests. Cameo Money Makers , the new study, reveals the potential earnings behind the personalised video site for Reality TV Stars and the most-followed Instagram celebrities. Had Chris stayed in a relationship with series partner...

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian

Things you only know if you love trashy reality TV

Few things are as satisfying as sinking into the sofa and turning on your favourite reality TV show.

They’re called ‘guilty pleasures’ for a reason – you know it’s not exactly the same as watching a worthy historical drama, but that just adds to the enjoyment.

Some people might turn their noses up at reality TV, but fans know they’re so much more than they’re often given...

Beauty Tips Olivia and Alex Bowen

Love Island’s Olivia and Alex Bowen’s lockdown beauty essentials

Everyone’s beauty routines have changed in lockdown. Without salons, many of us have turned to DIY treatments at home – including Love Island stars Olivia and Alex Bowen.

“I’ve actually quite enjoyed lockdown, I won’t lie – I’ve been taking this time to enjoy being home and being with each other,” says Olivia during Superdrug’s ‘Super Together’ virtual series.

She’s even...