What is hot desking

Ellie Green
Authored by Ellie Green
Posted: Wednesday, July 21, 2021 - 23:04

If you happen to be striving to find new ways to make your office space as appealing to your employees as possible, you would not be alone.

Many businesses have been planning meticulously to make sure that a return to the office runs as smoothly as it can, and to make sure that no employee feels uncomfortable or unsafe during their working day.

It may be worth thinking about the many benefits of hot desking, and what it can offer your staff in the future of the workplace.


Hot desking is essentially the practice of implementing a rotating desk system into the office. It could also refer to a process by which employees book certain desks ahead of their working day, either through software or the office manager.

Instead of having employees sat behind individually assigned desks, the concept of hot desking offers a heightened level of flexibility and freedom when it comes to working.

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How Can it Help You?

Perhaps one of the best reasons for implementing this style of seating arrangement over the traditional method of permanent desk assignment, is its mobility and flexibility.

Instead of having to stick the same old desk day in and day out, jumping on whichever one is available can allow employees to get their work done without having to feel the monotony of some incredibly familiar scenery.


Changing desks frequently can be a fantastic way to promote collaboration among team members that might otherwise not necessarily ever meet in the first place.

This might be particularly true if you decide to open up desks to everyone, regardless of what role they occupy or department they work in.

Collaboration and togetherness can be a good way to inspire innovation and create an environment in which employees do not get stuck with the same faces every time they sit down at the desk.

Strengthening Company-Wide Working Relationships

Developing a company culture can be difficult if your employees never have the chance to interact with one another.

Hot desking can serve to strengthen the bond between co-workers on a company-wide basis, which may be a factor worth considering for anyone hoping to work on overall employee satisfaction.

The Chance to Save Money

The chance to save money in the world of business is usually always a nice bonus, and hot desking can help you do this.

It has the potential to cut costs on having to pay for extra furnishings and electronics, while reducing the amount of wasted space throughout the office.

Help for the Remote Workers

For many, working from home is still a matter of safety and self-preservation. Those who feel apprehensive about a return to work may be reassured by the introduction of a hot desking system, as it can allow them to return to the office and find a desk that best suits them, particularly if they can book the perfect space beforehand.


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