6 Essential Tips for Better Small Business SEO In 2022

Authored by CraigUpton
Posted: Monday, January 31, 2022 - 14:22

Small business owners often feel at a natural disadvantage where SEO is concerned. With limited capital to invest in their organic search strategies, falling behind the bigger brands seems inevitable.

In reality, SEO creates a level playing field where anyone can get ahead.  Particularly with the help and support of an experienced SEO agency, affordable small business SEO can be just as effective as big business SEO.

As with most things, it is simply a case of knowing where to focus your efforts and resources.

Hiring and bringing a skilled SEO firm on board holds the key to generating the best possible ROI. But for those preferring to cover their SEO services in-house, this is how to get more from your small business strategy this year:

1. Monitor Emerging Search Trends

It is essential to keep a close eye on all emerging search trends on an ongoing basis. One of the biggest shifts taking place right now is the growing popularity of voice search. More complex and detailed queries are being used by more people than ever before. A shift largely attributed to the growing incorporation of voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa in millions of homes worldwide.

Keeping an ear to the ground for emerging search trends means having the opportunity to beat your competitors; an aspect of your strategy where expert SEO agency support can prove invaluable, you simply do not have the time to continuously monitor the SEO landscape.

2. Go Deep, Not Wide

The temptation to spread across a variety of topics in hope of boosting traffic is understandable. However, the businesses that perform best are those who establish themselves as authorities and thought leaders in their niche. A process that begins with producing and publishing authoritative content, these are in-depth articles that go beyond the basics.

Long-form content, testimonials, reviews and backlinks to your best pages will all support your SEO strategy. Focus on whatever it is you do best, and do more of it. Showcase your expertise and impress with your content at every opportunity.

3. Use the Right Mix of Keywords

Do not make the mistake of instinctively targeting only the most popular and competitive keywords in your niche. The more competitive the search term, the more difficult it becomes to rank prominently for it. Not that this means you should avoid competitive keywords entirely, it is simply a case of striking the right balance.

Dedicate some of your keyword research to finding search terms and phrases your competitors may have overlooked. Study the search terms your customers are using most often and look for any potential gaps you can fill. All while being mindful of the importance of long-tail search terms for successful SEO in 2022.

4. Connect with Relevant Businesses in Your Niche

The strength in numbers approach to SEO can work wonders.  Precisely where reaching out to other relevant businesses in your niche can make all the difference. Collaborative efforts for mutual SEO benefits could include backlink swapping, featuring each other’s posts on your respective sites, recommending each other’s products and services and so on.

Just as long as the other business is not one of your direct competitors, they are fair game. If running a cookware or kitchen hardware store, you could collaborate with food retailers, recipe websites, and diet/nutrition.

5. Tap into the Power of Social Proof

For small business and local business SEO, nothing grabs the attention of Google like social proof. This includes all reviews, recommendations, testimonials, star ratings and so on posted about your business online. Google My Business Reviews are particularly influential when searching for local businesses on Google.

The key to making the most of social proof’s unique influence lies in adopting a proactive approach. It is a well-documented fact that while most dissatisfied customers will share their opinions, the overwhelming majority of happy customers will not.  Your job is to make it as easy as possible for your customers to share their feedback, while reminding them to do so at every opportunity.

6. Track and Monitor More Proactively

It is impossible to run a successful SEO campaign without keeping a close eye on its performance. Google Analytics alone provides more than enough tools to determine what is working, what could stand to be improved and what needs to be ousted entirely.

In-depth analysis of an SEO campaign in real time is best left to a skilled agency that provides comprehensive SEO services. If handing your SEO requirements in house, it is essential to watch how every move you make affects your site’s performance. Either way, launching an SEO campaign and leaving it blindly to its own devices is a guaranteed recipe for disappointment.

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