2022 Top jobs to retrain in (so far)

Ellie Green
Authored by Ellie Green
Posted: Friday, April 22, 2022 - 16:28

With 3 in 5 UK employees planning on making a career change in 2022, those aged 25 – 34 are more likely to retrain to pursue a completely different career path.

The main reason people are looking to move jobs centres around unhappiness with their general career path. Many people in this age group feel there is no career progression available in their current role or feel they are not making a difference in their job.

This suggests that workers are looking for more fulfilling careers, and one way to find their perfect job is to retrain and develop new skills that can land them a better job. 

But what sort of jobs are people willing to retrain for? If you are feeling restless in your current role, you may be willing to consider these in-demand jobs that pay well and offer plenty of interest and variety to keep you engaged and motivated. 

1: Digital Marketing Manager: Average salary: £35,525/yr

Technical digital marketing roles are springing up across many different industries. This role involves managing tasks such as email marketing, SEO and data analysis. 

There are online training courses available that offer multiple levels of skill specialisation. It can help your career progression if you gain experience and certified training in Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

2: Social Media Manager: Average salary: £28,500/yr

Social media managers are in great demand within all industries. It would help if you were well versed in working with social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

You will aim to help build and nurture company awareness for your business, grow your social audience and raise brand recognition. 

For anyone looking to retrain to move into this role, there is a wealth of social media training available online, and you can start to retrain for your new role while still working in your current job. 

3: Administrative Assistant: Average salary: £25,299/yr

If you have excellent organisational skills, then retraining in office administration can be invaluable. Administrative assistants are an essential cog in a large support team. 

It is a dynamic and varied role that lets you get involved in a business's day-to-day running without carrying the weight of personal responsibility and stress that a more senior management role brings.

An administrative assistant role can appeal to those who may already work in an office environment but find their current position repetitive and unfulfilling. There are plenty of online training courses that can help you brush up on the more technical administrative skills you will need for this role. 

It can help to learn to use many of the standard office software packages used in business that you may not be familiar with within your current role. 

4: Executive Assistant: Average salary: £32,050/yr

Executive Assistants perform a variety of tasks, work with many different people, and is an ideal role for people who enjoy variability, excitement, and independence in their work life.

As Executive Assistants get to work with a broad range of people, it can help if you are a people person that enjoys supporting and helping your management team to succeed in everything they do. 

Ideally, this is a role to retrain for if you are a go-getter who loves a good challenge. If you like to learn new skills, enjoy problem-solving, and thrive in a dynamic work environment, this role is perfect.

To retrain for this role in 2022, it is easy to enrol on a course to become an executive assistant. You can even retrain for your new career while working in your current job. 

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