How to develop successful email campaigns to prevent shopping cart abandonment

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted: Tuesday, May 24, 2022 - 06:48

For any ecommerce business, cart abandonment is one of the terrifying scenarios. Unfortunately, the average rate of cart abandonment is over 70%, and this figure is expected to rise in the coming years as more people shop online. Here are a few cart abandonment email tips and methods to help you deal with this issue and turn it to your advantage.

Top effective cart abandoned emails strategies

Trust and credibility

Consumers are becoming warier of online buying due to the various internet frauds that have been perpetrated. Therefore, some first-time consumers may require additional assurance before they trust you with their hard-earned money. Cart abandonment emails should, in such circumstances, reassure them that their transaction has been completed by establishing confidence. You can provide them with consumer testimonials to help them confirm your legitimacy. Alternatively, you can offer a money-back guarantee to entice potential clients to buy from you and build trust.


It is a proven method of encouraging your customers to return and complete their purchases by including customised discount coupons in your cart abandonment emails. Using a counter-intuitive plan for your existing loyal clients can be a good thing. They have become accustomed to receiving discount vouchers due to abandoning their shopping carts. As a result, your cart abandonment rate may increase if you offer discount coupons frequently.

As a result, you should incorporate your incentives and loyalty programmes into your cart abandonment email campaigns. Customers are encouraged to use their accumulated loyalty points to receive a discount. Furthermore, you can save even more money by providing new discount offers. If your company does not currently have a rewards programme, you should consider implementing one as soon as feasible.

Highlight a single product

Digital consumers may add many things identical to their cart before quitting their shopping cart. These activities suggest that they were comparing prices rather than acquiring them all simultaneously. Because it only serves to increase confusion, the cart abandonment email should avoid showcasing all of the products in such circumstances. Instead, you might utilise the recovery email to narrow your attention to a specific item. You can draw attention to the product's unique characteristics to distinguish it from the competition.

As a result, some ambiguity is removed, and the customers may make a more informed selection. When it comes to the abandoned cart email, Asics uses a similar approach. A single product has been spotlighted in the email template, and it has been subtly indicated that this product is one of the company's best-selling products. They have also supplied photos of all of the buyer's items in their abandoned shopping basket. Asics provides free shipping to encourage customers to complete their transactions.

Important tips to help you create better cart abandonment emails

Show the items in the cart

Displaying photos of abandoned items in the cart is always recommended since this serves as a visual reminder to the customer why they abandoned the items in the first place. Finally, describe the specifics of the product, including its cost, size, and quantity.

Compelling copy

There is no alternative for a great email copy to entice customers to complete their purchase, whatever the cart abandonment technique. You have the freedom to be creative with the copy. Further customisation is possible by including the customer's name and other dynamic elements in the template. This type of personalization of email strategy is also followed by gaming companies such as roulette to encourage players to play games on their website. For example, Adidas' cart abandonment email incorporates all of the methods discussed above and a captivating email language that encourages customers to complete their purchase. 

Adidas has created a funny subject line to capture the customer's attention. They have then informed the buyer about personalisation in their email text, which they may have overlooked during their purchase experience. Furthermore, they have included testimonials from their former clients to increase their trustworthiness. The email template also features an image of the abandoned shoes in the cart.

Optimized CTA

It's becoming very rare to see CTA buttons anymore. Instead, recovery emails aim to re-engage your consumers and get them back into your sales funnel. Old-fashioned calls to action (CTAs) like "purchase now" appear to be orders rather than result requests. Instead, email marketers use low-commitment CTAs such as "continue shopping," "return to your cart," and other similar phrases.

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Personalisation of cart abandonment emails is not limited to simply including the customer's name in the body of the message. Additionally, you can create special discount coupons for them. Another excellent method to personalise your recovery emails is to make product recommendations based on previous interactions with the customer.


Before you go all-out with your abandoned cart email marketing, you should first design a few templates and test them to ensure effectiveness. The input you receive will assist you in developing the template and approach that will be the most helpful to your eCommerce brand's success.


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