Can Vehicle Signage Help Generate New Business Leads?

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted: Tuesday, January 30, 2024 - 19:22

If you run a business, you know that visibility is one of the key ways to attract new business. It is vital to let people know that you exist, show them what you offer and tell them a little bit about the kind of brand that you are, which is why signage is one of the first things that most businesses invest in.

However, whilst a sign outside a shop or an office can be great, many businesses are finding that vehicle signage is the way to generate more new business leads.

In this article, signage experts Judson Signs takes a look at how vehicle signage works, the advantages of using it and how it can draw new customers through your doors.

What is vehicle signage?

Wherever we go, we can see great examples of vehicle signage as there are now plenty of cars and vans on the roads sporting vehicle wraps and stickers to show off their branding and contact details. It might be through clever graphics, a company logo or just plain text, but tells anyone nearby a bit about what you have to offer.


Most forms of marketing are a numbers game – the more people that see your business, the greater the chance of some of them becoming new customers. Static signage is great at telling people where you are, but there is a good chance that many of the same people walk past it day after day.

When you think of the number of miles a car or van travels, and the number of other vehicles and pedestrians it passes in that time, it becomes clear that the exposure for your vehicle signage is significantly larger. This signage is constantly visible to a new and ever-changing audience, so even when you are stuck in a traffic jam, you could be winning some new business.

Cost effective

Many forms of marketing can be extremely expensive, and this can make them feel prohibitive for small businesses. Vehicle signage is therefore a much more affordable option that has a single upfront cost and ongoing impact. Once the signage has been designed, created and affixed to the vehicle, it can last you as long as the vehicle does.


One of the great things about vehicle signage is that you can really let your imagination run wild. There is no limit to the colours that you can use, you simply need to make sure it will fit onto the available space on the vehicle and that any text is easy to read. That means you can use any images and graphics that you want to ensure that your vehicle really stands out from everything else on the road.


We all know how intrusive advertising can feel when a TV show is interrupted or a pop up on a website disrupts what we are doing, and it can sometimes create a negative relationship between the audience and the advertiser. Vehicle signage can often seem a much less intrusive form of advertising, as it does not get in the way of anything or create a disturbance. It means that your message is easy to spot, but more likely to be received in a positive light.

Local area

If your business relies on local clients, then your vehicle is the best way to get you seen by your target audience. It is more likely to be travelling around the town or city you are based in and so will grab the attention of the right people.

Vehicle signage is an incredibly effective way of drawing attention to your business and ensuring that the right people get to see it.

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