Together in the Netherlands: Job Opportunities for Couples

Ellie Green
Authored by Ellie Green
Posted: Monday, July 1, 2024 - 11:26

The charm of Dutch landscapes, its vibrant culture, or the exquisite 125 restaurants with Michelin stars are perhaps an experience cut short if not shared together with your significant partner. And if with whom together you fancy a longer stay in this European country you could look into some financially rewarding work opportunities. If so, this guide will help you explore the Dutch job market as a couple.

Job Opportunities for Couples

Multinational Corporations

The Netherlands is home to numerous multinational corporations across various industries such as technology, finance, and healthcare. Companies like Philips, ING Group, and Shell have a strong presence in the country and actively and frequently recruit international talent. This makes it feasible for couples with diverse professional backgrounds to find suitable employment, whether that is in management, engineering, finance, or marketing.

Startups and Innovation Hubs

If you find yourselves to be on the more entrepreneurial side or would like to try working in a dynamic startup environment you should look for cities that offer a thriving innovative environment, like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, or Eindhoven. These hubs foster creativity, collaboration, and growth opportunities for both established professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Education and Research Institutions

With universities such as Delft University of Technology, University of Amsterdam, and Erasmus University Rotterdam which have a well-renowned status, the Netherlands is especially appealing for academics and researchers. Couples with backgrounds in academia, teaching, or scientific research can explore rewarding career prospects in universities, research projects, and educational institutions across the country. Additionally, initiatives like the Holland Scholarship Program attract international students and researchers, creating a diverse and stimulating academic environment for couples pursuing careers in education and research.

Healthcare and Social Services

The Dutch healthcare system is highly regarded globally, providing ample employment opportunities for healthcare professionals.

Hospitals, clinics, and healthcare organizations seek skilled doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals. Additionally, humanitarian social services and NGOs have a strong presence and are focused on areas like community development, refugee support, and environmental sustainability offering meaningful work for couples passionate about making a positive impact social impact. Organizations like UNICEF Netherlands and Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) could also be rewarding and humanitarian options to consider.

Finding a Place to Live

When moving as a couple, finding a cozy suitable accommodation is key.

Fortunately, the Netherlands offers various housing options like apartments, houses, or shared living spaces.

Although navigating through these options is easier in cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht, or Hague, it can still be a bit stressful especially if you are just coming into the country together.

Websites like,, and can help you search for stress-free rental properties and tailor them to your preference, budget, and location. 

Working with a real estate agent, perhaps one specializing in expat housing can streamline and expedite the process of finding a comfortable home that meets your private and professional needs as a couple. Or you can work with recruiting companies like Robin Jobs, which can help you find jobs with accommodation.

Tips for Job-Seeking Couples

Network Effectively

Whatever you may choose to do first, find accommodation or seek work using networking can be a great aid and asset.

LinkedIn, or industry-specific forums as well as local expat communities can help you find options that best suit your needs.

Don't shy away from networking events, seminars, or visiting career fairs together or with industry peers.

Language Proficiency

Even though English is widely spoken in Holland, learning Dutch can enhance your job prospects, especially in customer-facing roles, retail, or sectors with a strong local presence.

A fun and greatly advantageous activity can be enrolling in a Dutch language course, or practicing speaking with natives to improve your language skills.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Try to be open to diverse job roles, contract types, and industries. increase your chances of finding suitable employment as a couple. Explore part-time, freelance, and remote work options, as well as job-sharing arrangements, as it can help accommodate both partners' career goals and work schedules.

Work-Life Balance

To ensure a healthy work-life integration for both partners be mindful in considering companies that value work-life balance and offer some benefits like flexible schedules, parental leave, and wellness programs to support dual-career couples.


Given all mentioned above it should be encouraging to explore confidently the county's prospects for mutual work.

The dynamic economy, diverse industries, and progressive work culture are appealing as well as rewarding for couples looking to thrive professionally and personally.

Its rich history and culture, friendly people, and versatile job market can ensure an experience that can nourish your relationship as well as your professional career as a dynamic duo.


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