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Recycled material

Why should you recycle your clothing?

In today's fast-paced world, where fashion trends change at a rapid pace, the clothing industry has become one of the largest contributors to environmental degradation.

From the production of textiles to the disposal of garments, the fashion industry significantly impacts the planet.

However, one effective solution to mitigate this impact is recycling clothing. Recycling...

MrGuild Suits You: From Classic to Contemporary, the Double-Breasted Suit Trend Takes Over

People change, so does fashion. Over time, the new replaces the old. Sometimes the old reappears. Now is the time for classic double-breasted suits. Exemplifying a distinctive style suitable for the modern gentleman, MrGuild announces that sales of double-breasted suits rose 60% last year and are expected to remain a bestseller in 2023.

Leading e-commerce brand MrGuild launches new...

Superhero Specs: Has Marvel bought glasses back into fashion?

Marvel has the ability to turn any superhero-style into a fashion trend you want to follow. From power suits to pops of Spider-Man red, this movie franchise knows how to make its actors look stylish when running into battle.

One accessory in particular that has remained prominent from the first Iron Man to Endgame is Marevl’s use of stylish specs. Whether you’re thinking of Tony...

Brilliant Must-Have Accessories to Elevate Any Outfit

Open your wardrobe and take a look inside. It is full to the brim with lots of exciting outfits? If the answer is yes, you’re halfway there. This is because there is one thing that people forget to invest in that finishes off a look. What is that you ask? Accessories! Sure, you may have wonderful dresses, jumpers, and jeans that look the part, but have you got the right bag, jewellery, and...

Luxury Items Every Man Needs

If you are a man of good taste and someone that enjoys the finer things in life, you will find that there are a few must-have items. These are the kind of items that are smart long-term investments and can provide you with a significant confidence boost. So, what are some of the must-have luxury items for men? Read on to find out.

A Tailored Suit

First, every man should have...

 This is what UK shoppers really want from their handbags

The Most Popular Handbag Styles in Last Five Years

From classic tote bags, backpacks and crossbodies to more contemporary mini, basket and saddle bags; handbag styles are constantly evolving. However there are some handbags we reach for over and over again, but why? Non-leather handbag brand Fiorelli have analysed five years’ worth of Google Search data to determine what UK shoppers really want from their handbags.

Top handbag styles...

5 luxury brand alternatives for specs wearers who want to pay less

Stylish spectacles come at a cost. While we may want to opt for Ray-Ban’s classic wayfarer frame or Prada’s newest high fashion release, luxury brands come with a luxury price tag.

The average cost of a pair of specs in the US ranges from $196 to $1000 . In fact, eye tests alone can cost up to $200, leaving those on low budgets with next to no choice when picking out a new pair of...

Accessories that never go out of style

Dressing to impress often means different things for different people but there are some staples that you can always rely on. As fashion trends come and go, it’s easy to go through countless accessories and clothing and still find yourself with nothing to wear.

The average person owns just 76 items in their wardrobe but throws away 72 every year . Luckily, there are reliable pieces...

January is the perfect time to reset and clear out your wardrobes

Top tips for prepping your clothes to sell online

January is the perfect time to reset and clear out your wardrobes, ready for any fresh purchases in 2023. With searches for re-selling sites such as Vinted up by 308% in the last 12 months and interest spiking since Christmas, rather than simply throw clothes away, many people look to give their garments a second lease of life and sell on.

So, the experts at Suit Direct have put...

How to style a Peaky Blinder Suit?

Thanks to Tommy Shelby, we all got introduced to the classy and timeless Peaky Blinder fashion. Everyone can throw a Shelby look with a bit of knowledge of fashion and style. One takeaway point from the series is that the Shelby family hired tailors to make their well-fitted suits. Billy Kimber and the gang had one too. Everyone in the series had some kind of obsession with their suits and...

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