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15 Small Kitchen Ideas That Make the Most of your space, No matter how tiny

If we look around, we see that small apartments and houses are elegant, but they seem to have incomplete kitchens. Surprisingly, many small kitchen ideas maximize the storage capacity of the kitchen and positively affect productivity. By thinking creatively about using most of your small kitchen space, you can make even the smallest kitchen space where you can enjoy cooking and hanging out....

Over 80,000 bikes were reported stolen in England and Wales last year

Cyclists warned to be vigilant as bike theft peaks across England and Wales

With the UK’s lockdown easing and employees returning to work, thousands of cyclists are at risk of having their bikes stolen.

Over 80,000 bikes were reported stolen in England and Wales last year, prompting security retailers to analyse the regions most under threat to bike theft.

Commuters around London need to stay the most vigilant, as new data reveals the...

5 Common causes of low water pressure

Most people don't think about their water pressure until when they get a problem. Low water pressure can present itself in many ways, all of which can be frustrating. Dealing with faucets taking a long time to fill the tab or the showerhead not giving you strong sprays is annoying.

Dealing with low water pressure is easy if it is only one fixture with the problem. All you will do is...

Pros and cons of installing faux wood blinds

One of the best ways of transforming the look and the ambiance of your home is considering the ideal option of window treatment. Blinds can be the best option, especially if you need to control the shade and light permeating into your room. However, these blinds are available in various materials, making it a challenge to select the best. One of the most popularl blinds is faux wood which are...

Top tips for sprucing up your garden

Top tips for sprucing up your garden

When the lure of summer months begins to beckon, and blue skies return, there comes the natural tendency to break out of the dormancy period of colder months. The spring cleaning time has arrived, but this year has been a little more unusual than most.

Many people have found themselves spending more time around the house – a long period of restrictions and lockdowns has seen to that...

4 tips for planning a successful house remodel

Typically, a house remodel project can be a challenging and stressful undertaking. It involves a lot of details and steps that you should be aware of before you get started. For instance, a remodel requires thorough planning and preparation to ensure the success of this major endeavor. However, if you take this project for granted, the entire process can become more daunting and stressful....

Oxfordshire residents showed the most improvement with their waste recycling efforts

Lockdown drives drop in household recycling

Figures from Local Household Waste Recycling Centres (or ‘tips’ as they’re more commonly known) from across England, show that out of 23 County Councils, 19 recycled less during lockdown than the year before, with only two doing better.

The statistics were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Access Self Storage and can be accessed here . They covered the six-month time...

Do I need an aerial for my smart TV?

Ever since the digital switchover of 2012 TV broadcasts in the United Kingdom moved from analog to digital. While this and the popularity of Smart TVs would make one think that aerials were a thing of the past... That's not necessarily the case.

Nowadays there are still reasons to count on a trusty aerial, and there are even different types of aerials that might benefit your TV in...

Top 4 reasons you need an emergency plumber

Connecting with an emergency plumber North London can help you in a difficult situation. You never know when you will have a plumbing problem and the sooner it is taken care of, the sooner you can get back to your normal routine. Early intervention from a professional can reduce damage, saving you time and money.

  1. Broken or frozen pipes

When a pipe is broken or...

There has been an increase in the number of fire claims related to barbecues, firepits, bonfires and the burning of garden waste

Insurer reveals 29% spike in garden-fire claims during lockdown

David Fowkes, Head of Household Underwriting at Admiral, said: “Over the course of the three lockdowns in the UK since the pandemic began, we’ve seen a 29% increase in the number of fire claims related to barbecues, firepits, bonfires and the burning of garden waste compared to the same time period in the previous year.

“During lockdown many people have invested in transforming their...