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boy with itchy eyes

Hay fever season sees a 600% increase in searches for hay fever symptoms

Authored by Laura Bond

Research conducted by MyJobQuote found that there has been a 600% increase in searches for 'hay fever symptoms' and a 4800% increase in searches for '99p hay fever wipes'.

Lisa Evans, spokesperson from MyJobQuote, was eager to give Brits a helping hand and provide some top tips on how they can reduce the severity of their allergies during hay fever season: “Hay fever season is well...

technology man with phone

Nine things you’ll only know if you’re a massive technophobe

Authored by Laura Bond

We’ve all felt it. The rising panic as we realise we’re being outwitted by the technology we supposedly own, and that every menu screen we flip through is probably just making matters worse.

For some of us, this is a near daily occurrence. Here are a few things you’ll understand if you regard technology with mutual distrust…

1. You’re too scared to use trial and error...

Plants for pots in garden

Ten of the best plants for pots

Authored by Laura Bond

Patio plants come into their own in summer, adding wow factor to your outdoor space even on the smallest balcony or in the tiniest courtyard.

“Think of container gardening as the art of choreographing individuals into a joyous composition,” says broadcaster and multi award-winning garden designer Chris Beardshaw, best known for his regular appearances on BBC Gardeners’ World....

Lady sat at desk working from home

Seven essential purchases to make your home desk set-up better

Authored by Laura Bond

If you used to spend a lot of time commuting to and from the office, working from home initially sounds great. You recoup your extra travel time, you can get ahead with your house chores on your lunch break and you don’t have to worry about noisy desk neighbours interrupting you.

While there’s no question that working from home has heaps of benefits, it’s easy to miss the comforts of...

Gardening tips

Five ways to make your garden more sustainable

Authored by Laura Bond

It’s not just in the garden where being green is important today. But there is a lot that we can do in our own outdoor spaces to help create a healthier environment and reduce our own carbon footprints! Now is a great time to consider your outdoor practices.

Here, the gardening experts at Toro have shared five ways you can do your little bit for the environment, from your own garden...

Dried Flowers hanging on wall

How to dry home-grown blooms

Authored by Laura Bond

Gardeners may be looking for new ways to make the most of their fruit and flowers this year – and dried flowers are once again catching on. Head-dresses, gift cards, wreaths and framed indoor displays can all be made using dried flowers you’ve grown yourself.

Floral artist Bex Partridge, author of a new book, Everlastings, explains: “Most of us have probably done this at some point...

Home florals mural on wall

Twelve ways to feature florals at home

Authored by Laura Bond

If you’ve been missing your outdoor floral fix, there are plenty of ways to ‘grow’ your own dazzling display of blooms at home.

You can take your pick from wallpapers, fabrics, crockery, and a host of other home accessories all with blooming beautiful floral designs, which are bursting forth this season.

No green fingers required – just pick from our bouquet of 12 fantastic...

windsor castle expensive home to decorate

Windsor Castle revealed as most expensive home to decorate in the UK

Authored by Laura Bond

An online luxury homeware brand has conducted research into the most expensive homes to decorate in the UK, revealing that Windsor Castle is top in the country. Accommodating over 150 people including the Queen, the castle is estimated to cost £64 million to furnish and decorate, followed by Hampton Court Palace which costs in excess of £57 million. According to the brand’s data, this is...

Chelsea Flower Show.

How the virtual Chelsea Flower Show is going to work

Authored by Laura Bond

Around this time of year gardening fans would be donning their nicest outfits to visit the annual Chelsea Flower Show. The physical event has, of course, been called off, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your flower show fix anyway.

Like so many major events in the calendar, the Chelsea Flower Show is going online in what’s being called Virtual Chelsea. The new event kicks off on...

Lady looking at home finances

Ten ways to cut back your household spending right now

Authored by Laura Bond

A household budget can be like a leaky bucket of water. Things may appear OK on the surface but perhaps there are some holes you hadn’t noticed, which are allowing the precious contents to escape.

And with many people’s finances under additional pressure right now, it’s a crucial time to go through your outgoings to check if any money is ‘leaking’ out unnecessarily.

For some...