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Pet peeves in the bedroom include eating in bed

Eating in bed dubbed the number one bedroom pet peeve in the UK has surveyed 1,000 people in the UK to see what it is the grinds their gears in the bedroom right now, and what bad habit they are guilty of themselves. According to the survey, eating in bed in the Number 1 pet hate between couples. With nearly 42% confessing to scoffing snacks between the sheets, and nearly 41% admitting they find it annoying when their partners do it. Nearly...

34% of Londoners confess to having had a motoring fine in the last five years

London has the worst drivers in the UK

IT’S OFFICIAL, London has been revealed as the UK city with the worst drivers on the road.

According to a new survey by Rooster Insurance , England’s capital is home to the greatest number of drivers with poor or dangerous driving habits.

More than 1 in 3 (34%) Londoners surveyed confess to having had a motoring fine in the last five years – which is 16% higher than the...

Many motorists are unaware that some of the driving habits they have picked up are illegal

Six bad driving habits that could land you a hefty fine

Whether you’re new to the roads or you’ve had your driving licence for decades, there will no doubt be a few driving habits that really grind your gears. From drivers who hog the middle lane to those who don’t indicate when making a turn, these bad habits are not only frustrating but also extremely dangerous.

Many motorists are unaware that some of the driving habits they’ve picked...

Smoking tops the list for a relationship turn off

Top Dating Turn-offs Revealed: Smoking, Smelling & Swearing

Smoking cigarettes is rapidly becoming the least sexy addiction going. While once it was considered cool to be deemed a ‘smoker’, these days it’s more likely to earn you a swipe left or an early end to a first date. Since 2011, the number of smokers has fallen from 20% of the UK to just 14%.

A recent study from E-Liquids has revealed that our top relationship turn-offs are smelling...

Bad food habits in lockdown

Two-thirds of UK public has no plans to shake off bad lockdown habits

Britain is set to emerge unhealthier from lockdown, with four out of five people (81%) reporting an increase in harmful habits, including smoking, poor diet and staying up late. Yet only a third (31%) of those surveyed plan to shake off their new habits after lockdown, according to a YouGov survey, by self-care app and website Your.MD .

According to leading behavioural...