The most successful contestants have books out and made TV appearances

The most successful bake-off contestants

A new report by the personal finance experts at reveals the most successful Great British Bake Off winners and runners up from the past 10 series. The report takes the top ranking GBBO contestants to date1 and scores them based on six factors to determine who is the most successful. Success Factors: 1. Number of published books (via Goodreads)

  1. Social media influence
  2. ...
Most searched for term over lockdown included bobble hats

Most searched for topics over lockdown include bobble hats and baking

The digital magazine subscription service Readly has compiled the UK's largest search trends across magazines during lockdown 2.0. The data reveals the most searched for topics that Brits have explored during the second lockdown – with ‘knitting’, ‘bobble hat’, ‘shares’ ‘baking’ and ‘Christmas’ coming out top. Alternative 80s rock band Spacemen 3 and interior designer Penny Morrison also...

Cheesecake is the Nation's favourite cake

Cheesecake is voted Britain's favourite cake

Cheesecake has been voted Britain’s favourite cake, according to new research.

Cheesecake scooped 42% of the vote in a national poll conducted by food delivery app Foodhub, narrowly beating Chocolate cake (41%) Victoria sponge (32%) and the Brownie (31%).

Bakewell Tart (27%) and Christmas Cake (24%) are amongst the nation’s other choices with souffle being the least popular...

Teenager on laptop

Top ten things for teens to do when bored

I have never really liked staying at home and not having anything to do, especially with younger brothers running around driving me crazy! So, during my time in lockdown I started to find new and interesting ways to keep me occupied.

Even though lockdown is easing, we still aren’t back to where we were before, going shopping with friends, going out for lunch and other exciting things...

Get crafty with the kids

Ten fun craft projects you can do with the kids

When the stress of homeschooling starts to heighten, crack out the craft – easy, fun projects are great for encouraging kids to be creative, and can be relaxing too.

Get involved if you can, as focusing on just one thing can be wonderfully mindful, while your children will love spending quality time together. And if the mess stresses you out, choose an option you can do outside on a...