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Are you sitting on a goldmine? £10 million worth of change hidden down our sofas

Ever wondered where all your spare change goes? The mystery has been solved - and it turns out that it’s down the side of your beloved sofa.

Research undertaken by rubbish disposal experts has revealed that there’s a suspected £10 million worth of change hidden down the sofas of unsuspecting Brits - enough to feed the average family of 4 for 3,019 years, buy 667 average-...

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What’s your money personality type and how can you improve it?

All of us have habits – and this applies to how we manage our money too. Whether our relationship with money is something we’ve picked up from our parents, or it’s been shaped more by our experiences in adulthood, attitudes to saving and spending differ. has highlighted five different financial personality types. No one is perfect though – and even if you’re...

Shopping Habits

Has the pandemic changed our shopping and spending habits forever?

The nation’s shopping habits have undergone dramatic changes in recent weeks. More people have turned to home deliveries and have been trying out new ways of ordering, while many are also looking for ways to cut their spending due to a reduced household income.

And with many having adjusted to new shopping routines, evidence is now emerging that some of the new shopping and spending...

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Six easy ways to claim back cash and save money

Household budgets are going to be very stretched in the coming months, as the financial impact of coronavirus continues to be felt.

While many people are feeling a significant impact on their finances, there may be some small ways to ease some of the pressure.

Even while you’re sitting at home, you may be able to do something to save some cash right now and even get some...

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Spring-clean your finances with these seven simple steps

We can all become complacent with our finances, but as with any bad habits, the first step is admitting something needs to change – and spring is an ideal time to give your money habits a deep clean and refresh.

But, once you’ve decided to improve your money habits, where do you start?

Here are some ideas from UK director Adam Bullock, for spring cleaning...