Female-only founders receive less than 1% of all VC capital investment

Female-founded companies receive less than 1% of European VC investment

Research by Yoppie , the pioneers of personalised menstrual wellness and period care, reveals that European companies with female-only founders receive less than 1% of all VC capital investment despite the number of female-led companies almost doubling over the past decade.

Gender balance in the world of business and venture capital investment has been historically poor with male...

Dion Dublin

Dion Dublin says It is disappointing that we are still talking about racism in 2020

Dion Dublin is angry, or at least, very dispirited.

When he made his senior debut for Cambridge United in 1988, racism was running rife in the world’s football stadiums, and John Barnes was famously pictured back-heeling a banana off the pitch that was thrown from the crowd during a particularly nasty Merseyside derby.

That was supposed to be a ‘different era’, but the now...

Yara Shahidi

What you need to know about actor Yara Shahidi’s activism

Actor Yara Shahidi has penned a powerful essay about being a black and Iranian woman born in the year 2000.

“I was born into a perceived ‘post-racial’ world with smartphones – undermined by the fact that our societal fates are predetermined based on our ethnicities – and the same technologies that have connected us also surveille our Black and Brown communities,” she wrote for Porter...

Black lives matter child holding t-shirt

How to talk to your children about racism and white privilege

George Floyd’s death in police custody and the subsequent protests across the world for the Black Lives Matter movement, has catapulted racism to the forefront of social consciousness.

It’s long overdue, but the outcry has forced many white people to consider and better understand systemic racism, take an honest (sometimes uncomfortable) look at white privilege, and question how they...

Malala's dad Ziauddin: I brought my daughter up to believe in herself and in equality

As children grow, they need more freedom and less protection from their parents. But giving them that freedom comes with risks.

The risks, however, are not normally as extreme as those faced by Malala Yousafzai, whose campaign to get girls educated in her native Pakistan led to her being shot in the head by a Taliban gunman at the age of 15. Airlifted to the UK for treatment, she...