An inactive lifestyle can lead to the inability to sleep

Expert reveals four ways to help you sleep better

An inactive lifestyle can cause several physical and mental ailments that lead to the inability to sleep well, but there are things people can do to combat this.

The most recent government report on physical inactivity revealed that a quarter of UK adults (25%) were classed as ‘physically inactive’. The definition of this states that, over a week, activity should add up to at least...

Surfing has been named as the most common action sport in the UK

New data shows surfing is the most common action sport in the UK

Surfing has been named as the most common action sport in the UK by the team at Uswitch , just a month after making its debut at the Tokyo Olympics. The findings come as part of the new Adventure Index Campaign , which has researched the best European countries to visit for action-packed trips and holidays.

The campaign launch follows news that UK travel restrictions are being eased...

Top tips to stay stress free

Heart Research UK Healthy tip - Stress Awareness

Healthy Tip: Stress Awareness

Everyone has experienced stress at some point in their life. Stress typically occurs when we are unable to meet the demands being placed on us, whether this be at work or in our personal lives.

Whilst short-term stress is a normal response to pressure or increased demand, a prolonged increase in stress levels can have negative effects on our...

Health tips from Laura Hamilton

Laura Hamilton from A Place in the Sun shares lockdown health tips

A Place in the Sun presenter, Laura Hamilton, has shared her health tips during lockdown. From discovering delicious recipes to online workouts with her 125,000 Instagram followers, the star has been keeping busy at home and is excited about the new series of A Place in The Sun, which starts on 26th April on Channel 4.

Online workouts - “I’m a big advocate of body confidence and...

Our menstrual cycle can seriously impact the way we workout

Knowing your menstrual cycle can help you boss your training plans

Our menstrual cycle can seriously impact the way we workout and the latest research by femtech leader Yoppie , has revealed that the vast majority of women don’t know which stage of our cycles present the best time to train.

The good news is that Yoppie’s research shows that just 18% of women say their ability to train and exercise is impacted by their cycle. However, while our...

Fatigue and cramps contribute to less exercise during periods

71% of women struggle to stay fit on their period

Research by Yoppie, the pioneers of personalised, organic period care delivered through your letterbox, has provided some top tips on how to keep motivation up during your menstrual cycle, as periods put a stop to fitness regimes for the majority of women. With our New Year's resolutions still at the forefront of our minds, many of us will have been focussing on getting fit. However, Yoppie’s...

Exercise can help us feel more mentally resilient

#LIFTWEIGHTDONATE The challenge to lift your spirits

Lockdown and the pandemic has impacted the mental health of millions across the UK and research released today by the UK’s biggest fitness and sports retailer, Sports Direct , has revealed that a significant 87% of young people between 18 and 24 years old feel that their mental health has deteriorated during the third national lockdown. Sadly, young women have been disproportionately affected...

eyes rank as the most loved part of our bodies

Just 11% of women love their bodies - here’s how to boost your love for yourself

Research by the pioneers of personalised, organic period care delivered through your letterbox, Yoppie , has revealed that just 11% of UK women love their bodies.

Yoppie surveyed women across the nation on their love for their bodies and found that just 11% outright love their body, with 41% only loving it sometimes. This means that a huge 48% of women are yet to find love when it...

Keeping fit through lockdown number three

The secrets to keeping your fitness resolution during the third lockdown

It’s a bleak start to the year. It’s cold outside, you’re broke and you’re stuck at home, making it difficult to kick start your health and fitness resolution. Just because you’re home-bound and on your rump, doesn’t mean you have to let your fitness suffer during lockdown three. Feel Good Contacts has teamed up with Personal Trainer, Badrul Islam to help you to get fit without spending a...

Top new years resolutions include reducing carbon footprint

Brits vow to adopt green resolutions this year

With the average Brit planning to make three resolutions for 2021, new research shows that a fifth of Brits (19%) have protecting the environment in mind when making their pledges.

After an unexpected year for many, and a news agenda dominated by the global pandemic, it seems that as we enter a new year, the population is keen to focus its attention on the planet, with nearly half (...