People are missing the sounds of going on holiday

Missing the Sounds of Travel?

From boarding announcements to luggage carousels, passport stamps to clicking seatbelts: airport and airplane sounds are familiar the world over. But for many this year, they have become a distant memory.

For those that are missing the familiar soundtrack of travelling, Love Home Swap has released the free compilation album you didn’t know you needed – an album of well-known ambient...

Top tips working from home in the holidays

Top Tips Working From Home For The Holidays

The holiday season brings families together, but it also means added distractions for the many people working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How can remote workers keep their focus sharp and their productivity high while noise and interruptions surround them? And what can businesses do to ensure their employees aren’t slacking and projects are on track?


New research suggests that waterside breaks could help ease the pain of 2020 

Find wellness by the water to beat Covid blues

The Covid pandemic has highlighted the importance of staying healthy in both mind and body and new research from industry body Discover Ferries, suggests that waterside breaks could help ease the pain of 2020.

Key findings show over three quarters (77%) of people agree they find spending time by the water relaxing and two thirds (66%) of the public feel like they have been on holiday...

Sales and rentals of motorhomes are on the rise

Surge in summer caravan sales impacting safety on roads

As a growing number of countries are added to the UK quarantine list, sales and rentals of motorhomes are on the rise, as drivers desperate for a break seek out a holiday on wheels.

In addition to this, Uswitch found that Google searches around towing a caravan soared this summer are soaring this summer, with over 26,000 entries and an increase of 65% in comparison to July and August...

maximise time off of up to a whopping 41 days off in 2021

Double your annual leave in 2021

After a challenging and disruptive year, the need for a healthy work-life balance is crucial more than ever to protect ourselves from burnout by taking regular breaks.

And chances are, we’re overdue for a break! While working from home is certainly a change from the norm, it’s not the same as taking time off, and has not necessarily improved work-life balance for most Brits. In fact...

Women tanning

Eight things you must know before fake tanning for the first time

With so many sun-drenched holidays being postponed or cancelled, and more than our fair share of rain descending after a surprisingly bright spring, if it’s a tan you’re after this summer, there’s pretty much only one option: fake it ’til you make it.

It seems more people than ever are turning to bronzing products during lockdown, with searches for fake tan up 33%, compared to the...

Lady applying sun cream

Everything you need to know about sunscreen on staycation

This is the time of year we’d normally start preparing for a summer holiday abroad: getting a new bikini, digging out sunglasses and buying our annual bottle of sunscreen.

Unless you’re a skincare junkie who applies SPF every day (and bravo to you), the fact you might be swapping your holiday for a staycation this year could mean you forget about sunscreen.

Skin still needs...

Seven reasons why skiing is officially the worst activity in the world

An extreme sport masquerading as family fun, skiing is not to everybody’s tastes, and ski-phobes have been ignored for too long. Here’s why I’d rather spend a week talking to telemarketers than spent it speeding down the slopes…

1. It’s a mad sport for mad people

If somebody grew up in a society without skiing, and was then exposed to it for the first time in adulthood, they...

Flybe launches 2020 summer schedule with over six million seats on sale

Flybe, Europe’s largest regional airline, has announced the first phase of its 2020 Summer schedule featuring 104 routes with a total choice of up to 2,500 flights a week across the UK and regional mainland Europe. These include seven new routes – six from London Southend and one between Manchester and Stuttgart.

Seats are on sale from Thursday 14th November 2019 at for...

Plan, plan, plan (iStock/PA)

Seven ways to make your holiday money stretch further

You may be looking forward to that long-awaited summer holiday – and rightly so – but will you blow your budget this year?

One in four (25%) of us went over the amount we’d planned to spend on our last trip, according to a survey Post Office Travel Money. And with two-thirds of holidaymakers planning to travel abroad this year, many more may end up stretching their holiday wallets...