A new nationwide study has discovered the tedious tasks that Brits think take way too long

30 Tedious Tasks Brits HATE

Do you find yourself dreading taking down the Christmas decorations or wishing away the hours waiting for a delivery? Well, don’t worry, you’re not alone – as a new nationwide study has discovered the tedious tasks that Brits think take way too long, with selling a car at the top of the list (46 percent).

The arduous task of painting a room (32 percent) came next, followed by the...

Seven tips for working productively from home

Events of the past two years have blurred the lines between a balanced work and home life more than ever before, with the pandemic causing many remote workers to experience burnout and anxiety due to an inability to ‘switch off’.

For those continuing to work remotely and can relate to the struggle of finding a healthy work/life balance, the team at performance marketing...

The advantages and disadvantages of mixing social media and work

Nearly Half of Employers Admit to Regularly Checking Employees Social Media Profiles

For many, adding coworkers on social media platforms can be a complicated situation; with the average person spending 145 minutes a day on social network sites, our virtual and professional lives are bound to overlap at some point.

With some recruitment agencies and HR specialists advising against adding colleagues on social media while others encourage it, Instant Offices have...

lady at the hairdressers

Hairdressers are one of the top professions to receive pay increase

The latest research by leading recruitment specialist, Rayner Personnel , has found that hairdressers, cleaners and chefs have enjoyed the biggest bump in their pay packet over the last five years.

Rayner Personnel analysed data on the average gross salary across 20 professions to see which has enjoyed the largest increase over the last five years when taking inflation into account...