Dame Esther Rantzen

Dame Esther Rantzen on the books she loves

With unexpected time on her hands due to the lockdown Dame Esther Rantzen is indulging in a ‘book-fest’.

The broadcaster and charity campaigner has re-organised her library – she’s given away hundreds of books – and is enjoying leisurely reading sessions at her home in the New Forest, Hampshire.

“I decided it was the perfect time to scale down my library and re-organise it....

lady blue eye

Coronavision Eye Warning

MILLIONS of Brits are suffering from eye problems dubbed ‘coronavision’ after their sight deteriorated during lockdown, according to a study for the College of Optometrists.

One in five adults in the country say their vision has become worse in the past four months, with one in three blaming it on too much screen time.

Symptoms include blurry vision, difficulty focusing, and...

rails of clothes charity shop

Charity shops need help as donations slump over lockdown

With charity shops closed, people have found other ways to get rid of unwanted items

The great ‘Covid-19 clear-out’ across the UK saw many people who were furloughed or working from home having an almighty sort out of their homes – leaving charity shops bereft of donations.

Now that charity shops are beginning to reopen, UK waste and recycling company BusinessWaste.co.uk has...

Mum and Daughter hugging

Five ways to start enjoying your family time again

One of the benefits of lockdown is that families have been able to spend much more time together – but that doesn’t mean it’s always been quality time.

Many families will have been together alone, spending time on devices in different rooms, and keeping any interaction to a minimum.

Sid Madge, the founder of Meee (meee.global) (My Education Employment Enterprise), an...


The UK’s most loved Netflix shows revealed

A global crafting community analysed Google Trends data since March 2020 to discover the most popular Netflix shows in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland during lockdown.

The company that carried out the research, LoveCrafts.com , found that docuseries Tiger King was the most popular Netflix show in the UK, followed by crime drama Ozark and Spanish thriller Money Heist....

Lady putting on bra

Do I really need to wear a bra?

While there have been plenty of downsides to being cooped up at home, there’s one advantage many of us can agree on: you don’t have to wear a bra.

With workplaces, pubs and restaurants closed, we ditched jeans in favour of joggers, swapped blouses for sweatshirts, and decided that bras are surplus to requirement.

Because what’s the point in strapping on a tight,...

person driving car

Air quality high on drivers’ agenda, as 97% noticed improvement during lockdown

The overwhelming majority of drivers have noticed a positive improvement in local air quality according to a survey into driver attitudes and behaviours during lockdown.

The survey*, carried out by nationwide electric car charge point installer Smart Home Charge , found almost all respondents noticed less congestion and noise pollution (99.3% and 88.3% respectively), with 98.3%...

Lady eating at restaurant

Pre-paid meals and ‘hairdresser style’ rebooking could be the answer for pubs and restaurants

Pubs and restaurants may have to ask customers to prepay for their meals if they are going to survive under social distancing measures, argues Phil Mills, head of food and drink at financial experts Old Mill.

Mills, who works with businesses across the food and drink sector, says he thinks things will have to change quite significantly if restaurants, pubs and cafes and their...

Having hair cut

This is how often you should actually be getting your hair cut

It’s fair to say most of us are in dire need of a haircut now – unless you’ve bravely let your partner loose with the scissors at home.

Thankfully salons are starting to reopen so you’ll soon be able to let a professional fix whatever has atrocity has occurred over the last few months.

But how long should we actually be going between trims? Well, experts say it depends on...


Six things we’ve missed about cinemas

For the first time since lockdown began, cinemas in England will reopen their doors on July 4. The good news came a bit earlier for Ireland, where cinemas were allowed to reopen on June 29.

It will certainly be a new and different cinema experience, as seating will follow social-distancing measures and many theatres will be using air purifiers to reduce the spread of the virus....