The Many Ways to Style a Charm Necklace

Most women have at least one charm necklace in their wardrobe, however, they may not wear this piece very often because they don't know how to style it multiple ways. These necklaces can vary from a delicate chain to a chunky necklace with oversized charms. As a result, women find they can wear them in a variety of ways. The following serve as a few suggestions to get you started.


For centuries Queens and Princesses have been adorned in the finest jewels

Four royal jewels Queen Elizabeth has generously loaned

There are many perks to being a royal and diamonds and expensive jewels are definitely one of them. For centuries Queens and Princesses alike have been adorned in the finest, bespoke jewels, and whilst many of these heirlooms now sit out of sight amongst the expansive collection of Queen Elizabeth, occasionally they resurface on royals other than herself.

Luxury jewellers and diamond...