A sharp  increase has seen 18-24 year olds looking at cars onsite

Gen-Z'ers flock to driving amid latest COVID restrictions

Gen-Z’ers, the least car-crazed generation there’s ever been, are now making a U-turn on their usual propensity to eschew driving, in light of ongoing restrictions in the UK.

Auto Trader, the UK’s largest digital marketplace for new and used cars, has found a sharp year-on-year increase of 18-24 year olds looking at cars onsite.

During 1st June – 20th September, 15% of the...

 Back care Awareness Week is from 5th-9th October

10 simple steps on how to alleviate back pain

In the lead up to Back care Awareness Week (5th-9th October), Feel Good Contacts has collaborated with Personal Trainer, Badrul Islam to offer advice on how to alleviate neck, shoulder and back pain (aka posture pandemic) caused by working from home.

Sitting at our desk, dining table, bed or sofa (if that’s where you’re working from) for eight hours a day is the most passive thing...

One in four men aren't washing their hands according to new research

One in four UK men still not scrubbing up when it comes to washing hands

Public health advice is still falling on deaf ears, with as many as one in four men still not washing their hands properly, according to research by Just Sanitise .

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, handwashing for more than 20 seconds has been pitted as one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect yourself and others from illnesses. Yet one in five of all UK men, and as many...

homeschool mum and son

Mothers sacrifice work more than fathers when homeschooling in lockdown

Mothers are more likely to have sacrificed their work commitments in order to homeschool their children amid the Covid-19 lockdown, according to research by UCL. The figures released indicate that average hours worked fell by 40% in lockdown, and mothers with younger children at home were significantly more likely to have stopped work than fathers.

This echoes findings in a study...

Comforting anxious child

How can I ease my child’s incessant anxiety about coronavirus

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, my eight-year-old daughter has been very anxious about catching the virus and is nervous about people coming near her or touching anything at all outside. How can I stop her being so anxious, as it’s really having a negative effect on her life?

Clinical psychologist Dr Malie Coyne, a lecturer at the National University of Ireland Galway and...

lady looking worried

COVID-19 a driver of widespread gender inequality, study finds

Women are almost twice as likely as men to have lost their job and suffered an anxiety attack during lockdown, according to a study that reveals how COVID-19 has driven widespread gender inequality.

In a survey of 1,500 people representative of the UK population, researchers from the University of Exeter Business School found that lockdown has exacerbated gender inequality across...

Saving money during lockdown

Brits save a small fortune during pandemic

A survey of 2,002 UK adults, conducted by leading personal insolvency practice, , has revealed that due to the social restrictions that have been in place during lockdown, the average Brit has been able to save £495 per month (an increase of £273 compared to their monthly savings pre-pandemic).

According to the data, during lockdown the average UK adult has saved £178...

woman looking in mirror

Cosmetic surgeons see massive rise in demand for online consultations

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) – the only organisation solely dedicated to advancing safety, innovation and excellence in cosmetic surgery – has reported a “massive upswing” in demand for virtual consultations during lockdown, but urges the public to remain cautious. Whether it's spending more time on the internet at home or spending more time with family, the...

Man wearing PPE at art gallery

How the world’s most famous art galleries are adapting to the pandemic

It’s been a stormy summer so far for the world’s museums and galleries.

Since lockdowns began in February and March, many cultural institutions have been haemorrhaging money, and many have still not reopened. London’s Tate Modern, for example, is slated to restart on July 27, while the Museum of Modern Art in New York will stay shuttered until late August at the earliest.


Woman on computer video call

Seven reasons we are really sick of video calls now

When the coronavirus pandemic began and we were largely confined to our homes, digital interactions became essential for both work and socialising.

At first it was fun. Logging onto Zoom or Skype we got a glimpse into our coworkers’ homes, caught up with people we hadn’t spoken to in ages, and became obsessed with winning the weekly quiz.

Now, more than three months on, it’s...