Fans were disappointed with the season finale of Line of Duty

TV fans voted Line of Duty more disappointing than the GOT finale

TV fans have ranked Line of Duty the most disappointing series finale episode, knocking the likes of Game of Thrones and Lost off their top spot.

Having a day to recover, a survey by idealo.co.uk asked 2,002 TV fans which TV series’ endings had disappointed them the most.

The survey found that 30% of viewers said Line of Duty, with Game of Thrones coming second, as voted for...

Home security: 12 ways to deter burglars this Christmas

A former burglar and the police reveal how to keep your house secure over the festive season. Lisa Salmon finds out more.

If you’re looking forward to Christmas, bear in mind that thieves are gleefully anticipating it too – last year, there was a substantial increase in insurance claims for burglaries in winter, particularly over the Christmas period.

Halifax Home Insurance...