A recent report by the Treasury Committee has warned of an alarming growth in UK fraud.

‘Alarming’ growth in UK fraud - 8 expert tips to avoid online scams

A recent report by the Treasury Committee has warned of an alarming growth in UK fraud .

It has been revealed there has been a surge in consumers being targeted with fake online adverts, impersonation scams and dodgy crypto investments.

Following this news, Nick Drewe, money-saving expert at WeThrift , has issued some crucial tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of online...

Christmas presents under tree, security

Are your social media posts putting your property at risk of theft?

Millions of people prepping for Christmas in the UK are putting themselves and their property at risk of theft.

Sharing images and videos across social media platforms of gifts and decor could lead to burglary, and with nine million #ChristmasDecor hashtags on Instagram and 586.2 million TikTok views, security retailers has highlighted the potential damages.


Home security: 12 ways to deter burglars this Christmas

A former burglar and the police reveal how to keep your house secure over the festive season. Lisa Salmon finds out more.

If you’re looking forward to Christmas, bear in mind that thieves are gleefully anticipating it too – last year, there was a substantial increase in insurance claims for burglaries in winter, particularly over the Christmas period.

Halifax Home Insurance...