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Tips to keep your skin healthy

Experts provide tips on looking after your winter skin

This time of year our skin can lose its summery glow, becoming dry and flaky as we struggle to combat the conditions. In fact, a recent study by Scandinavian health and beauty brand New Nordic shows 82% struggle with extremely dry skin in winter months.

Average low temperatures of two degrees coupled with battling sharp winds make it hard to protect our complexion and that can leave...

These are the top beauty treatments Brits are trying themselves at home

A recent study by Currys has analysed the Google search volume for “how to.. at home” range of beauty treatments to discover the ones people are trying to cut costs on the most.

The cost-of-living crisis has forced many loyal in-salon beauty-goers to rethink where and how they can cut costs by replicating treatments at home, leading to a shift in luxuries and wants. This beauty...