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Peak scrolling times for social media apps can vary

This is when you should be posting to go viral on TikTok and Instagram

TikTok may have the crown as the most downloaded social media app globally during the pandemic, but new research by compare the market .com reveals that Facebook is still Brits' favourite platform – and that only one in 10 (11%) favour the video-led app.

Following data1 revealing the top eight downloaded apps over the pandemic, compare the market .com polled2 UK social media users to...

The advantages and disadvantages of mixing social media and work

Nearly Half of Employers Admit to Regularly Checking Employees Social Media Profiles

For many, adding coworkers on social media platforms can be a complicated situation; with the average person spending 145 minutes a day on social network sites, our virtual and professional lives are bound to overlap at some point.

With some recruitment agencies and HR specialists advising against adding colleagues on social media while others encourage it, Instant Offices have...

Our thinking style can have a huge impact on the way we use social media

The way we think impacts the way we use social media

Our thinking style can have a huge impact on the way we use social media, including on whether we engage with ‘fake news’, a new study has shown.

Whether you are an analytical thinker or more inclined to make judgements based on intuition is reflected in your behaviour on Twitter, according to a research team including Dr Mohsen Mosleh, a Lecturer in Business Analytics at the...

There are ways to improve safety of children on their devices

Eight dangerous apps your kids are using

More children are choosing to spend their time online, and more hours online means more potential dangers.

And yet, not many parents are fully aware of the apps their children are using. Studies about children's media usage reveal that younger kids are spending more time on digital devices because of their accessibility, and the numbers increase yearly.

Thus, it is more...

Twitter has become the primary catalyst for people to share their opinions on some of the top footballers

The Most Trolled Premier League Footballer on Twitter

This year has been a peculiar one for sport. The uncertainty regarding future of in-house support for football is still up in the air. Inevitably, with little to no outlet for fans to celebrate their love and support, Twitter has become the primary catalyst for people to share their opinions on some of the top footballers.

This led to utilising SEMRush to uncover which of...

Levels of anxiety and depression on the rise in teenagers and children

The Social Media "Monster" and Why We Need to Tame It

There have been multiple reports over the years of rising levels of anxiety and depression in teenagers and children. What social media and COVID-19 have in common is how rapidly they spread, with a dangerous impact for humanity ranging from rising depression levels to polarisation and even loss of life. Increases in depression and suicide appeared among teens when social media exploded in...

Teenage body image: Eight ways to help improve your child’s self-esteem

It’s never been easy to be a teenager – but to add to the standard adolescent angst, today’s young people are exposed to a huge amount of online pressure to look a certain, idealised way.

And it’s not just teenage girls whose self-esteem and mental health is damaged by such pressure – last year The Good Childhood Report found boys were also experiencing a decline in happiness...

Should you be worried about the way your teenager portrays herself online?

I’ve seen some of my 14-year-old daughter’s Snapchat and Instagram posts and she comes across very differently online to the way she does at home. How can I talk to her about being more honest about her online identity?

Will Gardner, director of the UK Safer Internet Centre ( ), says: “Many parents worry that being online can place pressures on young people which...

The five biggest parenting trends for 2020 and the biggest worries mums and dads have about their children

The UK’s leading online platform for parents and childcarers has revealed the top parenting trends for 2020, along with the biggest worries for UK parents going into the new year.

A survey of more than 5,000 parents and guardians of 0 to 16 year-olds has found that limitations on children’s social media use and screen time is the biggest trend for 2020, followed by dismantling gender...