Fighting Age-Related Loss of Muscle Mass

Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass that occurs naturally as we age. The adage ‘use it or lose it’ applies. It’s a great idea to lift weights as you get older to counter this decline in muscle mass. Maintaining muscle and strength is associated with a better quality of life due to greater physical resilience and less physical restrictions. For example, someone who stays strong in their...

The list of our favourite underdog sporting moments

Nation's Favourite Sporting Underdogs Revealed

It is often said that there’s nothing Brits love more than an underdog - and a new study has proved it, with 95 percent of us agreeing there is something special about a sporting underdog winning against all the odds.

Specsavers polled the nation revealed a list of our favourite underdog sporting moments, including Emma Raducanu winning the US Open in 2021 (34 percent), Leicester...

Members of the Lioness team that are the most influential, determined by their number of Instagram followers

Women’s World Cup 2023: Who are the Most Influential Lionesses?

After their impressive EURO 2022 win last summer , the England women's football team (aka the Lionesses) will return to the world stage in a bid to add even more silverware to their trophy collection.

As anticipation builds for the major tournament, the team at Betway have crunched the numbers to discover which members of the Lioness team are the most influential, determined by their...

man playing golf on a green

What are the benefits of GPS devices in golf?

There are plenty of GPS devices to choose from but is it actually worth investing?

Golf GPS devices are becoming increasingly popular year-on-year. Regardless of skill level owning such a device is almost becoming a necessity. It is very easy to see why especially when you look at the benefits of the best golf watch gps 2023 , rangefinders and handheld devices.

Every device...

When choosing your paddle boarding equipment, you need to find the right board first

Experts SUPer Beginners Guide to Paddle Boarding

As more of us look towards bettering our physical and mental wellbeing, we are branching out and attempting new sports. In fact, approximately 11.8 million people participated in boating activities once or more in 2021, showing an increase of interest by almost double from the previous year.

So why not get back onto the water by trying your hand at paddle boarding?

Here, we...

There is a staggering £1.5 billion of unused sporting equipment in Britain

The Used Sports Equipment That Can Make You the Most Money

Even though a lot of people invested in sports equipment during the pandemic, a recent study showed that there is a staggering £1.5 billion of unused sporting equipment in Britain .

Intrigued by that statistic, experts at ( ) decided to find out the sports equipment items that can make people the most money when resold .

This was...

Research reveals that golf remains a dangerous sport!

New research reveals golf is more dangerous than rugby

While professional sports players often sustain injuries, sports can be just as dangerous for those of us who play it for fun. Played as a pastime for many, the potential damage these sports can cause is often overlooked.

So which is the MOST dangerous sport to play in the UK?

GolfSupport set to find out! Following their 2018 analysis of the official National Health...