Refuse collectors across the UK are reporting being dive-bombed by starving gulls

Starving seagulls turn on binmen

Flying rats, pests, vermin… seagulls don’t get the best press - but their savage attacks on bewildered binmen have sealed their reputation.

Refuse collectors across the UK are reporting being dive-bombed by starving gulls, desperate to get their talons on morsels of food. It sounds shocking, but this isn’t new behaviour for seagulls - many terrified residents of coastal towns report...

How to create a wildlife-friendly garden

If you’re stuck for garden ideas, one way to spruce up your outdoor space while giving back to nature is by attracting wildlife. Not only will it help the plants and animals, but it will also give you a garden full of interesting species.

Don’t worry - you don’t need Noah’s ark or a Pied Piper to attract wildlife – here are some easy ways to nurture the natural world with your...

How to keep your pets warm this winter

Brrrilliant tips to helps keep your pets cosy during the cold spell

The Met Office has this week forecast snow showers for parts of Scotland and northern England, as well as a yellow weather warning for ice across the midlands and southern England over the next few days.

The RSPCA’s pet welfare specialist Sam Gaines said: “Though we’ve already had some frosty spells during the last few weeks, temperatures have plummeted and we’re all being warned now...

A webinar series to inspire people to protect the planet and human health

Learn about how to protect health, wellbeing and the planet

Health experts hope a new online webinar series will inspire people to make changes to protect the planet and human health.

The free Waking up to the planetary health emergency events, from the University of Exeter, will allow people to learn why the health and wellbeing of all future generations depend on good planetary health.

People who take part in the events, held on...

Ben Fogle

Ben Fogle says he saw lockdown as a sort of reverse expedition

There can’t be many people whose travel plans have changed more in recent months than Ben Fogle. Normally found yo-yoing from one end of the Earth to the other on various intrepid enterprises, the environmentalist, documentary maker and travel writer has had an unusual amount of time to reflect, given the circumstances of the pandemic.

He’s now backing a new farming initiative in...

Man in garden

Eight ways your garden can make you feel better during lockdown

There’s never been a better time to have a garden, as outdoor space means you can at least enjoy some fresh air and greenery while staying at home during lockdown.

And the benefits don’t just apply to avid gardeners – new research shows spending time in the garden may be beneficial for overall health and psychological wellbeing, whether you’re gardening or just relaxing.


Make a splash for wildlife: Here's how to create your own mini-pond

Fancy a pond but don't have much space? Now's your chance to make waves with a mini-pond – which will not only look pretty, but will also attract beneficial insects and other wildlife to your plot.

Gardeners across the UK are being urged to encourage wildlife with water, as ponds form this year's Wild About Gardens challenge, from The Wildlife Trusts and the RHS.

The UK has...