Fear of driving is a real thing

Driving anxiety has increased by 52% during lockdown

If you’ve not been driving much over the past few months, you might feel a little nervous about getting back on the road when lockdown restrictions ease.

Perhaps you’ve not been on the motorway for a while and you’re worried about restarting your commute to work, or maybe there’s a chaotic roundabout near your parents’ house that gives you nightmares. Either way, these feelings of...

An app is being designed to prevent anxiety and depression

Young people recruited to harness smartphones to improve wellbeing

Young people across Europe are being recruited to a trial to put their smartphone addiction to good use, via an app designed to prevent anxiety and depression and improve wellbeing.

Researchers at the University of Exeter are leading a pan-European project to recruit young people aged between 16 and 22 years to use the app. It brings together the latest research on self-monitoring,...

Comforting anxious child

How can I ease my child’s incessant anxiety about coronavirus

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, my eight-year-old daughter has been very anxious about catching the virus and is nervous about people coming near her or touching anything at all outside. How can I stop her being so anxious, as it’s really having a negative effect on her life?

Clinical psychologist Dr Malie Coyne, a lecturer at the National University of Ireland Galway and...

Lady at the dentist

Dental phobia - 24% find dentists scarier than snakes

According to results from DentaVox survey “Dental Visits vs. Other Experiences” , for many people dental fear takes over a number of other common anxieties and unpleasant experiences. A substantial share of respondents would prefer a week of home isolation or a close encounter with a creepy reptile to a dental visit. Moreover, despite the widespread obsession with digital technologies, many...

Tom Bradby

Tom Bradby talks lockdown and mental health

ITV News at Ten anchor Tom Bradby, friend of the royals, seasoned correspondent and documentary-presenter, confesses he’s enjoying life in lockdown with his wife Claudia and three grown-up children at home near Winchester.

“But then you come to work and dip your head in a bucket load of misery,” he laments. “It’s odd living with an all-consuming news story that is killing a lot of...

Chloe Madeley: 'I would go back to TV if I could work with my husband'

Chloe Madeley talks to Hannah Stephenson about how weightlifting eased her anxiety, life with James Haskell and the prospects of starting a family.

Personal trainer Chloe Madeley has found a fulfilling career as a fitness guru, but married life with James Haskell has also brought happiness.

That's despite the fact he doesn't pull his weight at home in Northamptonshire, she...

Pete Townshend: 'I'm not easy to live with ... but we have a good time'

He may be 74, but the creative juices of rock legend Pete Townshend, the songwriting powerhouse and lead guitarist in The Who, are ever-flowing.

The band's founder and rock opera impresario has just wrapped a 29-date symphonic tour in the US, is releasing a new Who album in December – the first in 12 years – and is now working on an opera.

And in between times he has...

Office staff working

Coronaphobia: Employees are refusing to come back to work

Businesses across the UK who are making efforts to get back to business are facing a new uphill struggle - employees claiming stress and anxiety or are simply requesting outright to be furloughed for another 3 months.

Workers who were furloughed back in April are being gradually invited back to work, although some are being asked to work from home. However, many small businesses are...