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How to get young children to listen to you and stop fighting with their sibling

No matter how accomplished a parent you are, there will still be stressful times when your child doesn’t listen to you, fights with their sibling or is simply naughty.

And how you handle those crisis points is crucial both to your child’s development and your parenting experience.

The parent-child relationship can benefit from using some stress-free psychotherapeutic...

Anita Rani Channel 4 Parenting

Anita Rani: Miscarriage is still such a taboo subject

Parenting is one of those subjects that everyone has opinions on, from the food we should be feeding kids to how we discipline them. And now there’s a brand-new show on Channel 4 in which mums and dads can compete to prove their way is how everyone should do it.

Each episode of Britain’s Best Parent? will see three different sets of parents showcase their individual parenting...

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Virtual party guide launched as more than 600,000 children set to miss out on birthday celebrations during lockdown 

An online children’s gift list platform has revealed that more than 600,000* children under the age of 14 are set to miss out on birthday celebrations due to the Covid-19 lockdown. A survey has revealed parents spend an average of £150 on children’s birthday parties, saving families more than £103 million during the current 3-week isolation period. Following the announcement, 62% of parents...

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How to get kids off their screens during lockdown

Dawn Isaac, author of 101 Things for Kids to Do Screen-Free, suggests kids should have designated daily screen-free time, and shares activity ideas.

Confined within four walls for the forseeable future, countless children are becoming even more dependent on screens to stave off the boredom of lockdown.

And while many parents will welcome the social interaction and...

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How can I stop my child feeling so scared about the future of our planet?

My seven-year-old child is really scared about climate change and what’s going to happen to our planet. What’s the best way to talk to her about it, and help her feel less anxious?

Scientist and environmentalist Matthew Shribman says: “It’s understandable that your daughter is worried, but she’s not alone. A recent report by McCain entitled Nation’s Conversations found children were...


The importance of talking to children about coronavirus

The British Psychological Society says it is vital to talk openly to children and reassure them about the changes they are seeing around them due to Coronavirus.

Some of the changes, like people wearing face masks or empty supermarket shelves, can be scary for children, so they are likely to need to talk to someone they trust about some of the imaginative misinformation they might...

Martin Freeman talks about his uncompromising comedy, Breeders

Martin Freeman: You go through life thinking you are a good person and then you become a parent

New Sky Original comedy Breeders is billed to explore the paradox that every parent knows but never admits: that you would willingly die for your children, but often you also want to kill them.

“The series is based on things that happen to me as a dad,” reveals star Martin Freeman, noting it’s “trying to be a bit darker and more thought-provoking about life as a parent.”


Food writer Jack Monroe has the most genius way of getting her son to eat (almost) everything

Even if you’re the kind of person who will try everything from offal to deep-fried Mars bars, that doesn’t necessarily mean your children will be the same.

Most kids spend years being fussy about what they eat, and that can be an uphill battle for parents.

However, dinner time doesn’t always have to be a struggle, food writer Jack Monroe has learned. In fact, she’s developed...

What is the best way to help my baby learn to talk?

My baby is 12 months old and is just starting to speak. Is there anything I can do to help her learn to communicate better or more quickly?

Infant language expert Dr Robert Titzer, founder of Your Baby Can Learn and an expert speaker at The Baby Show , says: “I suggest parents apply the following principles that have been shown in studies to enhance...

Safer Internet Day: Five ways to keep children safe online

It’s every parent’s instinct to keep their child away from harm, but as young people spend huge chunks of their time online, keeping them safe in the digital world can be really tricky.

Safer Internet Day’s global theme of ‘together for a better internet’ is encouraging young people, parents, teachers and organisations to work together, to make sure the internet is used safely and...