BNPL approach could help rejuvenate a pandemic-weary tourism sector

Could BNPL travel help boost a weary tourism sector this summer?

Research by Butter , the UK’s only Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) travel agency, suggests the BNPL approach could help rejuvenate a pandemic-weary tourism sector, allowing holidaymakers to overcome the financial uncertainty caused by Covid by spreading the cost of their holiday via more manageable monthly instalments.

Irritated by the lack of flexible payment options whilst planning a...

Lockdown restrictions have cancelled the daily commute for millions of workers

Brits have saved an incredible £9.1BN on fuel during lockdown

New data from GoCompare reveals Brits have saved an incredible £9.1 billion on fuel prices since the start of lockdown in March!

Lockdown restrictions have cancelled the daily commute for millions of workers, freeing up both the roads and our budgets.

As most cars stay stationary, less petrol is being purchased across the UK. That saving has severely impacted the cost of...

Tips for a clean and hygienic home

Over half of Britain shockingly unconcerned about cleanliness

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect the entire world and Britain enters a third lockdown, it would make sense that the nation should have overhauled what it deems to clean by adopting new and more stringent sanitising measures. But is this the case in reality? New research from home cleaning specialists Lupe Technology has found that shockingly over half of Brits remain...

nearly half of British parents will not get their child vaccinated against COVID-19

Nearly half of UK parents will NOT get their child vaccinated against COVID-19

The UK’s largest online platform for childcare providers, parents, schools and tutors has discovered that nearly half of British parents (45%) will not get their child vaccinated against COVID-19.

The survey of more than 5,000 parents and guardians by discovered that a fifth (20%) of those who would reject a vaccination believe that COVID-19 is ‘fake and doesn’t...


Ten things you’ll understand if you’re the most Covid-cautious of your friends

Whether you blame the rules, the public, or simply the law of averages, it’s quickly becoming clear we don’t all agree on exactly what social distancing should look like.

For those of us at the more wary end of the spectrum, this can make socialising something of a stress.

Here are a few things you’ll understand if you are the most Covid-cautious in your group…


Anxiety around predicted exam results

How to handle the emotional impact of calculated exam results

Waiting to find out your exam results is unavoidably stressful, but this year, students are waiting to receive results for exams they didn’t even get to take.

Normally you’d have a rough idea of how well (or badly) you might have done because you sat through the test, handed in the coursework, and know how well your mocks went. Coronavirus has seriously tampered with the system this...

Comforting anxious child

How can I ease my child’s incessant anxiety about coronavirus

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, my eight-year-old daughter has been very anxious about catching the virus and is nervous about people coming near her or touching anything at all outside. How can I stop her being so anxious, as it’s really having a negative effect on her life?

Clinical psychologist Dr Malie Coyne, a lecturer at the National University of Ireland Galway and...

woman looking in mirror

Cosmetic surgeons see massive rise in demand for online consultations

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) – the only organisation solely dedicated to advancing safety, innovation and excellence in cosmetic surgery – has reported a “massive upswing” in demand for virtual consultations during lockdown, but urges the public to remain cautious. Whether it's spending more time on the internet at home or spending more time with family, the...

Patterned face mask

Calls for compulsory face coverings in offices

The government announced that wearing a face covering is mandatory in shops and supermarkets in England from 24 July.

National Health and Safety company says it’s not good enough and anyone working in a public or private setting should be made to wear a face mask.

Since 11 May, government guidance has advised the public to wear face coverings in enclosed...

Lady at hairdressers

This is what hair appointments could look like when salons reopen

In a move that caused whoops of joy and sighs of relief up and down the country, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed hair salons will be able to reopen from Saturday, July 4.

It’s hard to say who is more relieved at the news – hairdressers who’ve been out of work for three months, or customers who’ve endured DIY disaster cuts and dye jobs at home.

But one thing’s for...