The uncertainty around the pandemic has triggered more financial worry in Brits

60% of Brits are feeling stressed over their financial position

Since the global outbreak of COVID-19 began in early 2020, many Brits have experienced extra financial pressure. To help understand how Brits are coping, Blacktower Financial Management has taken a closer look to uncover which cities are most concerned about the monetary implications of the pandemic, as well as those saving more now than ever before.

The UK has been one of the world’...

A third of Brits have paid for a subscription they haven't been using

52% of Brits can't remember their last card payment

Personal finance experts, have surveyed 1,000 Brits about their money memory, in order to uncover how financially forgetful Brits have become due to their reliance on fintech i.e. contactless payments, auto-fill passwords.

Unfortunately, their findings are quite worrying when it comes to Brits’ money memory

Key Findings:

Ocean Finance’s...

Watch out for the red flags for dishonesty in a divorce

Avoid being stung financially when getting a divorce

There are more than 90,000 divorces every year in the UK, each costing approximately £14,000 in fees on average. However, it is also estimated that many divorcees could be losing out on thousands of pounds in cash and other assets due to unreliable figures and information that is hidden by the other party.

According to Steve Hale, Partner of Perrys Chartered Accountants, although...

Spending on take-aways have increased over lockdown

Here's How Much the Average Brit Spends on Takeaways During Lockdown!

With recent ONS data showing the average disposable income in the UK increased by £700 per household compared to 2019, Share to Buy analyses how much the average Brit spending habits have changed during the lockdown periods and the top most impulsive splurges of 2020.

According to Barclays, Brits spent a total of £40.6 billion on dispensable items to make their time at home more...

Couple with money worries

Have financial worries made you press pause on life goals?

This year has thrown many people’s personal finances, as well as the wider economy and job market, up in the air – which for some has meant being forced to unpick life plans they may have spent years carefully putting together.

For some people, the repercussions could be long-lasting and ripple through the generations.

Despite early speculation that lockdown may trigger a...

Couple on computer

Want your relationship to be more financially balanced?

When it comes to managing finances within a relationship or marriage, there are no hard and fast rules – but it is something that’s worth putting some careful consideration into.

According to a survey by Hargreaves Lansdown however, less than half (44%) of people with a partner share responsibility for day-to-day finances with them.

Among the married couples polled, only 37...

Lady at her laptop worried about money

Five money mistakes to avoid right now

Spending habits have changed radically since the start of the lockdown, with many people now having to get by on a reduced income – not to mention our usual routines and access to shops and restaurants having altered significantly.

According to figures from trade association UK Finance, credit card spending across the UK shrunk back by more than 12% in the year to March. Meanwhile,...

Couple discussing money

What’s your money personality type and how can you improve it?

All of us have habits – and this applies to how we manage our money too. Whether our relationship with money is something we’ve picked up from our parents, or it’s been shaped more by our experiences in adulthood, attitudes to saving and spending differ. has highlighted five different financial personality types. No one is perfect though – and even if you’re...

 Portrait of worried young woman feeling stressed and desperate asking for help in paying debt

Six financial fears affecting us all right now and how to deal with them

With many of us experiencing income shocks right now, our money worries have, understandably, escalated.

Nearly a third of people in the UK have already seen their household incomes hit by the coronavirus pandemic, consulting company Kantar recently found, while a separate survey from Hargreaves Lansdown revealed a quarter (26%) of people in full-time work are worried about losing...

Plan, plan, plan (iStock/PA)

Seven ways to make your holiday money stretch further

You may be looking forward to that long-awaited summer holiday – and rightly so – but will you blow your budget this year?

One in four (25%) of us went over the amount we’d planned to spend on our last trip, according to a survey Post Office Travel Money. And with two-thirds of holidaymakers planning to travel abroad this year, many more may end up stretching their holiday wallets...