Cat sleeping. Cat body language

What does your cat's sleeping position really mean?

Have you ever closely monitored your cat’s sleeping position ? Just like humans, our cats sleep in a variety of positions, so the way your little fur ball rests can tell you a lot about its behaviour and personality.

Below, we’ve asked the team of specialists from the Republic of Cats to share the meanings behind the most common cat sleeping positions.

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tips to ease discomfort and help you sleep better when you’re sick

Expert provides 8 top tips on getting better sleep when sick

With the ‘worst cold in Britain’ spreading around the UK, a health and wellness writer for Amerisleep , has compiled a list of “8 tips to ease discomfort and help you sleep better when you’re sick”.

The tips include natural remedies and diet recommendations on how to decongest a stuffy nose, soothe a scratchy throat, and calm an aggressive cough.

8 tips to ease discomfort...

There are over 50 million views for sleep hacks and tips on TikTok

Seven TikTok Sleep Hacks to Help You Fall Asleep Faster

There are over 50 million views for sleep hacks and tips on TikTok, suggesting that a lot of us struggle to sleep. If you are not keen on trying the viral boiled lettuce hack, there are plenty of other ways to fall asleep and sleep experts, MattressNextDay , have uncovered the top seven sleep hacks to help you fall asleep faster

1. Reduce any neck pain before bed by taking a selfie...

A quarter of Brits prefer to sleep in bed alone, rather than with their significant other

A third of Brits sleep naked and talk regularly whilst asleep

A third of Brits sleep naked, according to new research into the nation’s sleeping habits.

As well as sleeping in the nude, more than four in five Brits (85 per cent) of people confess to knowingly snoring, almost a third of Brits confess to sleep talking regularly and 14 per cent of people sleepwalk.

With all this sleep disruption, there’s no real surprise that a quarter of...

Top tips for a good night sleep

We are bedder off alone - these are the top irritating bedtime habits

ALMOST half the couples in Britain are often sleeping apart because of the irritating bedtime habits of their partner, a study shows.

Snoring unsurprisingly tops the list of annoying traits, but other major causes include being too hot, disturbing them when they get up for the loo, taking work to bed and even farting and cutting toenails in bed.

1 in 4 Brits have said their...