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The hashtag #renewableenergy is achieving a huge 40.7 million views on Tik Tok

Eco-friendly TikTok tricks and the ones you should avoid

From recycling to composting, water saving, and renewable energy hacks, people are using TikTok more than ever to raise awareness on climate change. But with the hashtag #renewableenergy1 achieving a huge 40.7 million views, are green energy hacks really worth investing your time in?

To determine the accuracy of five green energy hacks which appear DIY friendly, compare the market ....

These Tik Tok hacks can cost you more money in the long run

Ten TikTok Home Hacks You SHOULDN'T Attempt

Whilst TikTok has become one of the most popular social platforms to share home hacks, did you know that some of these tips could be doing more harm than good?

MattressNextDay has dissected the credibility of 10 TikTok home hacks, and uncovered that carrying these out can actually cost you more money in the long run…


Lots of misinformation and bad advice is being shared on social media

This is what two dermatologists have to say about DIY face masks on TikTok

With skincare routines galore, ingredients explanations and skin-fluencer heavyweights like Hyram Yarbro joining, TikTok is now giving YouTube a run for its money when it comes to inspiring, educational and accessible skincare content.

But a new study from Money.co.uk analysing 750 TikTok videos from 50 of the platforms’ top skin-fluencers found that only half had skincare...

Laundry stripping is the top cleaning TikTok hack

TikTok’s BIGGEST cleaning trends and hacks of 2021 revealed!

A new study by GoCompare Home has revealed the biggest cleaning TikTok hacks and trends of 2021!

Thanks to the likes of Mrs Hinch, cleaning has become more popular than ever. On popular social media site TikTok, Clean-Tok receives an overwhelming 13,000,000,000 views , encouraging a new level of cleanliness.

To help you keep you on top of the most popular cleaning trends,...

Top tips from Tik Tok to a clean bathroom

TikTok reveals bathroom cleaning habits we’ve been doing wrong

The rise of TikTok cleaning hacks has opened our eyes to household items we’ve been cleaning wrong this whole time.

With many of us in tiers 1 to 3 intending to host on Christmas day, experts at MyJobQuote.co.uk have provided tips on the best ways to clean our bathroom items and please our guests on the big day.

1. Bathroom towels

A viral video from TikTok user @...

Lockdown at home tie tok video

From banana bread to TikTok: ten signs you’ve become a lockdown cliché

Life has inextricably changed since lockdown began. With pubs closed, offices shut and life as we know it on hold, it’s safe to say we’re all adapting to our ‘new normal’ together.

But even in uncertain times, annoying micro trends still manage to prevail, and there are particular things that everyone seems to be doing.

Yep, it’s still possible to be a massive cliché – even...