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Mulan is rated the top 10 ultimate movie training montage

Revealed: The Ultimate Movie Training Montages

No sports movie is complete without a training montage, from Rocky and The Karate Kid to Cool Runnings and Kung Fu Panda. But which is the best of the best?

Myprotein teamed up with a group of personal trainers to find out -

The sports nutrition brand compared 35 of the most iconic movie...

The top chat up line is 'You are hotter than the bottom of my laptop'

The cheesiest chat-up lines to get you in the mood for Love Island!

Love them or hate them, a cheesy chat up line can be a great icebreaker - or it can backfire very badly.

To celebrate the latest season of Love Island, revealed the cheesiest chat-up lines – as voted for by the nation.

thortful tasked the UK to submit their cheesiest chat-up lines and vote for the one-liner they deem the most cringe-worthy.


Psychologist Dr. Pamela Rutledge has provided reasons behind our obsession with true crime TV

Psychologist Explains Our Lockdown Obsession With True Crime TV

From documentaries examining historic crimes in forensic detail to TV shows that dramatise the lives of notorious murderers, we have become a nation obsessed with the true crime genre.

But what is driving this true crime obsession?

Entertainment brand MrQ spoke with psychologist Dr. Pamela Rutledge, who has provided five reasons behind our obsession with true crime TV....

Skipping intros could save you up to 30 hours per year

Revealed: Skipping TV intros can save you 30 hours a year!

Over the last year, many of us have had the opportunity to binge our all-time favourite shows. And whilst the intros may be iconic, we’ve all hit that skip button now and then. But how much time does it actually save you?

New research by Office Furniture Online looks at the TV intros of some of our favourite shows and how much time hitting skip actually saves you.

It turns...

Fans were disappointed with the season finale of Line of Duty

TV fans voted Line of Duty more disappointing than the GOT finale

TV fans have ranked Line of Duty the most disappointing series finale episode, knocking the likes of Game of Thrones and Lost off their top spot.

Having a day to recover, a survey by asked 2,002 TV fans which TV series’ endings had disappointed them the most.

The survey found that 30% of viewers said Line of Duty, with Game of Thrones coming second, as voted for...

These are the top 15 shows we want to see back on our screens

The top 15 shows we want rebooted this year

This year has already treated us to many exciting reboot announcements, from Sex and The City revealing another series, a Peaky Blinders film promised and the action comedy film, Mr and Mrs Smith, being rebooted as a series for Amazon Prime.

But what are the shows that we’re all desperate to see make a comeback? has analysed search data for the last 12 months, looking at...

Saddest break ups on TV that made us reach for the tissues

TV fans vote this break-up as the saddest of all time

It’s easy to become invested in TV shows and nothing hurts quite like a fictional break-up. As we loyally follow our favourite TV couples for months and sometimes years, many of them end up calling it quits and we couldn’t be more gutted.

That being said, have you ever stopped to think about which TV break-up has left you feeling the saddest?

The team at OnBuy TV and Cinema...


The UK’s most loved Netflix shows revealed

A global crafting community analysed Google Trends data since March 2020 to discover the most popular Netflix shows in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland during lockdown.

The company that carried out the research, , found that docuseries Tiger King was the most popular Netflix show in the UK, followed by crime drama Ozark and Spanish thriller Money Heist....

Netflix shows on over lockdown

Top five Netflix shows for teens during lockdown

With lockdown set to continue, you are probably running out of ideas of what to do, your brothers are annoying you and you just want some time to yourself.

Lots of people are bored with being confined within four walls so Netflix is perfect for killing time.

The best way I find to relax while watching Netflix is lying down with a cover or blanket. It is very cosy and comfy,...