More than 45 million private number plates are currently registered in the UK

Crack the code and read the secret language of number plates

In recent weeks, Australian celebrity barrister, Peter Lavac, hit the headlines after the controversial number plate ‘LGOPNR’ on his canary yellow Lamborghini was banned by Transport NSW for being too offensive.

Number plates also regularly make the news when the DVLA releases its bi-annual list of banned combinations that reference swear words, sexual slang, or other phrases it...

Ford won two awards at the UK Car of the Year Awards 2021

UK car of the year 2021 category winners

The first round of voting in the UK Car of the Year Awards 2021 concluded with honours for nine different automotive brands. Winning two awards were Ford – recognised for its Puma and Kuga models in the Best Small Crossover and Best Medium Crossover categories respectively – and Škoda. The Czech manufacturer’s Octavia model emerged victorious in the Best Family and Best Estate categories....

More than 304,000 over 65s on UK roads have penalty points

Pensioners have more penalty points than young drivers

There are more than 304,000 pensioners (over 65s) currently driving on UK roads with penalty points on their licence, nearly 25 times the number of young teenage drivers – of which there are just over 12,000 with penalty points.

The findings, which came from a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to the DVLA by the UK’s largest independent road safety charity – IAM RoadSmart – also...

The car you drive reveals a lot about your personality

Psychologist reveals what the colour and make of your car says about you

Everyone knows there are stereotypes associated with certain car brands, but what do these motors really say about the owners behind the wheel?

Believe it or not, the car you drive reveals a lot about your personality. The brand, model, and colour you choose can highlight some of your key traits, including your attitude, lifestyle, and perceptions.

And, while there’s no...

Gareth Southgate is selling his Bentley

Gareth Southgate's Bentley Continental is being sold on Auto Trader

Even though Lockdown The Third is forcing Premier League footballers to play matches behind closed doors, it isn’t stopping them from opening up sales of their prized fast rides and supercars.

Auto Trader, the UK’s largest digital marketplace for new and used cars has a number of luxury cars previously owned by famous footballers.

Here’s a roundup of footballers’ cars...

The Beast from the East makes driving conditions treacherous

Drive safely through the Beast from the East round 2

As forecasters have issued ice warnings this week, taking care on the road is more important than ever. Plus, it may be little known that not de-icing your car effectively could lead to a £60 fine, points on your license or even a fine of 2,500 if your vehicle is classed as dangerous.

The highway code for what you must do before setting off:

  • You MUST be able to see, so
  • ...

Why car colour is more important than you might think

Have you ever given much thought to your choice of car colour? Perhaps you want something understated - or prefer bold shades that stand out in crowded car parks. But from resale value to road safety and crime, research shows that car colour can influence much more than mere aesthetics.

Black cars are currently most common on UK roads according to DVLA statistics , while white car...