Spending time with family and friends revealed as the secret to happiness

New study reveals the secret to a happy life

You only get one life, so you want to make the most of it.

Happiness in life can differ from person to person. Some chase financial goals, others chase family, and some chase both!

To finally answer the old, aged question of ‘what is the secret to a happy life?’, Royal London polled Brits aged over-551 to reveal what they believe the secret to a happy life really is....

McDonald’s is putting on a series of free events for the family

A week of free entertainment and activities

2020 has seen the cancellation of live music, football coaching and family events across the UK, and as local and national restrictions tighten, McDonald’s is putting on a series of free events designed to give a little lift to our UK and Ireland communities.

Starting on Monday 26th October, the brand will host daily fun football sessions with Peter Crouch and Lioness Lucy Bronze and...

Lady focussing on computer

Should I try and contact the son I gave up for adoption?

The problem…

“Four months ago, my daughter, who’s only 16, had a pregnancy scare. Thankfully, it was just a false alarm, but the whole incident has left me depressed and feeling guilty. It brought back memories of when I was her age and had an unwanted pregnancy. Largely due to pressure from my parents, the baby was adopted, and I don’t think I have ever forgiven them or myself for...

Get crafty with the kids

Ten fun craft projects you can do with the kids

When the stress of homeschooling starts to heighten, crack out the craft – easy, fun projects are great for encouraging kids to be creative, and can be relaxing too.

Get involved if you can, as focusing on just one thing can be wonderfully mindful, while your children will love spending quality time together. And if the mess stresses you out, choose an option you can do outside on a...

Anita Rani Channel 4 Parenting

Anita Rani: Miscarriage is still such a taboo subject

Parenting is one of those subjects that everyone has opinions on, from the food we should be feeding kids to how we discipline them. And now there’s a brand-new show on Channel 4 in which mums and dads can compete to prove their way is how everyone should do it.

Each episode of Britain’s Best Parent? will see three different sets of parents showcase their individual parenting...

Zoom calls with family and friends

Sick of Zoom? How to avoid people even though (technically) you have nothing to do

Life in lockdown has meant online socialising. Whether we connect via Zoom, Skype, Houseparty or other apps and sites, we’re talking to our loved ones and colleagues on video chats.

For many, it’s exhausting. And some seriously fatigued folk are booked into calls on a daily basis. But how can you avoid it?

After all, it’s not like cancelling your plans for a night out. The...

Family at meal time

What is the best way to make healthy meals the whole family will enjoy?

Like many parents, I’ve got to feed the rest of my family as well as my baby. What’s the easiest way to make healthy food they’ll all eat?

Mum-of-three Rachel Boyett, author of Little Veggie Eats, says: “Cooking meals for all the family to eat is the easiest way to get the whole family eating healthy food. It saves you cooking twice, and it helps to signal to your baby that this is...

Family life as Carrie Symonds and Boris Johnson welcome new baby

As Carrie Symonds welcomes son, how to manage the first days as a mum in lockdown

The first few days as a new parent are always a huge shift – to say the least! And during lockdown, things are even stranger, as the normal routine of visitors is flipped on its head.

That’s the situation now for Carrie Symonds, partner of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who gave birth to a baby boy on April 29. The baby arrived just a few days after Johnson returned to work...

Grandmother with her family

The emotional toll lockdown is taking on grandparents

For many people, one of the hardest parts of the coronavirus lockdown has been not being able to see family – and that’s been especially difficult for grandparents, who often live alone and depend on close family contact.

Some grandparents have taken extreme measures just to have physical contact with their grandchildren – a Californian grandmother and grandfather were so desperate...

Parent and child spending family time home schooling.

Home learning best practice advice for parents

Under normal circumstances, today would be the beginning of the Summer Term. Now, however, thousands of children across the UK will return to home-schooling instead, since schools have been shut officially since the 20th March. Many parents elected to take a break from lessons and observe the Easter Holiday; however, now parents and their kids must pick up their pencils again to carry on with...