Michel Roux Jr’s is the celebrity chef with the best restaurants in the UK

Knives Out: Which celebrity chef has the best restaurants?

Michel Roux Jr’s is the celebrity chef with the best restaurants in the UK according to new research by Maxima Kitchen Equipment.

The study collated Trip Advisor rating and ranking data for more than 100 restaurants in Britain belonging to the UK’s best-known chefs, to arrive at an overall score out of ten for each individual eatery, and a combined average for the chef who runs them...

Rio talks life at home

Rio Ferdinand talks family, date nights, life in lockdown and the Euros!

Ex-footballer and TV pundit, Rio Ferdinand, has taken part in a unique food experiment that sees the superstar sportsman sitting in the hot seat and taking on the nation’s food fails

Rio talks life at home – unveiling wife, Kate, compares him to washing machine when eating and how his kids have to play music to drown out the noise during dinner time

Question one


Toast has been named as one of Britain's most boring snacks

One in four think British food is boring

For decades, British food has been the butt of a joke across the world, with the nation ridiculed for our beige buffets and stodgy snacks.

Long been categorised as "bad" for our supposed strange combinations, lack of imagination, stodgy puddings, and weak tea, British food has become a laughingstock online and the subject of millions of memes.

And it looks like the nation is...

One in 10 adults shown pictures of green veg failed to identify cabbages and asparagus

Veg mix up! Brits don't know their cabbages from their kale

MILLIONS of Brits are so oblivious about fresh vegetables they can’t tell a pea from a green bean and don’t know what a leek or a Brussel sprout looks like, a new study has found.

One in 10 adults shown pictures of green veg failed to identify cabbages and asparagus, while one in six couldn’t spot leeks, and a massive one in five had trouble with fresh garden peas.

It turns...

Takeaways can increase your carbon footprint

Takeaways can increase your carbon footprint by upto 450%

We all know that feeling of wanting to save the washing up and order from your favourite takeaway, but do you know how much energy is used when ordering from the likes of Deliveroo, UberEats, or Just Eat?

A new study from Uswitch has revealed how much Co2 is emitted when ordering food delivery, what that is equivalent to, and how your cooking and eating habits are affecting your...

Takeaways have rocketed during the pandemic

Chinese is the UK's Top Takeaway as Nation On Track to Spend 11 Billion This Year

Takeaway spending surged by more than 50% a few weeks after the first lockdown. The average Brit used to spend around £12 a month on takeaway, but this jumped to more than £20 a month as more people used takeaways to treat themselves while staying in. One in ten Brits order a takeaway at least once a weekend and more than half of us know exactly which restaurant we fancy before going online...

Thanks to Just Eat many homeless and vulnerable people could eat this christmas

Christmas Meal Appeal raised more than £600k to help feed homeless and vulnerable

Funds for more than 120,000 meals have been donated to vulnerable and homeless people across the country in time for Christmas, thanks to the Just Eat Christmas Meal Appeal launched in partnership with charities Social Bite and FoodCycle.

The initiative which launched on 7th December with emotional pleas from a host of celebrities including Dame Helen Mirren, Rob Brydon and Sir Chris...

Marco Pierre White will be hosting 30 online lessons

Marco Pierre White Reveals Secrets Of The Stove

The UK’s best known chef, who has one of his restaurants in Plymouth, is one of the main draws of a brand new BBC e-learning service that offers never before access to the minds of some of the world’s greatest creative talents.

Fans of Marco Pierre White, whose restaurant is located at the Crown Plaza Hotel on Armada Way, can now enjoy over 30 online lessons where he reveals some of...

Top 10 restaurants to enjoy vegan fare in London

There was a time when being vegan was considered nothing more than a “trend” that would pass after some time. But nowadays, enjoying a plant-based lifestyle is becoming more and more commonplace.

Yes, veganism has come a long way as more and more people are becoming conscious about the quality of food that they consume. With the ongoing environmental crisis and increasing awareness...

Half of people admit they have disliked a food before even trying it

Brits lose touch with taste...

It was discovered that almost one in five adults (17%) feel uncomfortable describing flavour profiles, with 1 in 5 (21%) refusing to try a new dish if they don’t like the way it looks - regardless of the flavour.

The research comes from recipe box Gousto as it partners with the divisive delicacy Marmite, to launch a new range of tantalising recipes inviting people to indulge in new...