Liverpool has the most in demand tickets in football

Liverpool has the most in demand tickets in football

The ever-increasing popularity of football around the world has resulted in an unprecedented demand for tickets. As each team has its own unique attractions, whether that be the spine-tingling atmosphere or witnessing world class players in the flesh, fans are desperate to be a part of the action.

But is there a particular football club that we are most interested in seeing?...

Local councils are expected to struggle with the excess waste generated by fans

Euro Final clean-up will cost ‘millions’ as beer bottles and flags litter the streets

Football may be not becoming home, but the rubbish has.

Research by waste collection experts, – which has long campaigned for decreased plastic waste in the UK - has shown that the clean-up bill for Euro Final celebrations in England will end up costing millions of pounds – with Sunday night adding over 1,000,000 extra empty beer bottles to waste collections....

The team that trumped to first place for the fans that cheat the most, was Arsenal FC

The Football Fans Most Likely to Cheat

When football returned to our screen after the 3-month hiatus, we all felt a sense of normality. The sport that is loved nationwide is back, giving us something to enjoy and get excited over again.

When it comes to football fans and their loyalty to their club, there’s no doubt they are as loyal as they come – but when it comes to fans and their partners, could the same be said?...

Dion Dublin

Dion Dublin says It is disappointing that we are still talking about racism in 2020

Dion Dublin is angry, or at least, very dispirited.

When he made his senior debut for Cambridge United in 1988, racism was running rife in the world’s football stadiums, and John Barnes was famously pictured back-heeling a banana off the pitch that was thrown from the crowd during a particularly nasty Merseyside derby.

That was supposed to be a ‘different era’, but the now...