These are the best ways to make your party terrifyingly brilliant

How To Plan A Frighteningly Good Adult Halloween Party!

Halloween isn’t just for the kids. If they get to go out trick or treating, getting dressed up and having fun – why can’t the adults do something similar? This year is the perfect time to host your own frighteningly good Halloween party.

With searches for “Halloween games to play at home” seeing a 3,450% increase in the last year and “Halloween themed food” seeing a 400% increase,...

Spider-Man is set to be this year’s most popular Halloween costume

The UK's Most Popular Film Character Halloween Costumes

Spider-Man is set to be this year’s most popular Halloween costume, a new study has found.

Creative resource Design Bundles conducted new research comparing how much major film character costumes have been Googled in the last 12 months in the UK.

The study used data analytics to discover the amount of times character names followed by the term ‘costume’ were searched and...

12.6 million pumpkin carcasses will be heading for landfill

126,000 tonnes of pumpkin waste are heading to landfill this year

With parents tearing their hair out this half term, many have turned to Halloween pumpkin carving to entertain the little ones – however next week the discarded pumpkin carcasses will be heading for landfill, all 12.6 million of them.

“The waste produced at Halloween is incredible, and many people will want to get rid of the stinky rotting pumpkin carcasses fairly quickly after what...

My House Is Haunted’s Barri Ghai shares insight into haunted houses

Top ten signs your house is haunted

Ahead of Halloween interior design company Leader Furniture has teamed up with Help! My House Is Haunted’s Barri Ghai to share insight into haunted houses - and how you can tell if your home has a special guest.

According to Barri a sudden drop in temperature is the number one sign that your house has a ghost, so if you find yourself turning up the thermostat but still shivering it...

Plan a halloween trail this year with the children

Halloween fun in the age of Covid

With different parts of the country under different lockdown rules, the idea of celebrating Halloween may seem an impossibility.

But Catherine Lynch of education experts PlanBee says you can keep your children spooked out – and stay within the law.

Halloween 2020 is going to be a bit different to previous years. Groups of childrenputting their hands into several bowls of...