The UK’s most loved Netflix shows revealed

A global crafting community analysed Google Trends data since March 2020 to discover the most popular Netflix shows in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland during lockdown.

The company that carried out the research, , found that docuseries Tiger King was the most popular Netflix show in the UK, followed by crime drama Ozark and Spanish thriller Money Heist....

Teenager on laptop

Top ten things for teens to do when bored

I have never really liked staying at home and not having anything to do, especially with younger brothers running around driving me crazy! So, during my time in lockdown I started to find new and interesting ways to keep me occupied.

Even though lockdown is easing, we still aren’t back to where we were before, going shopping with friends, going out for lunch and other exciting things...

Netflix shows on over lockdown

Top five Netflix shows for teens during lockdown

With lockdown set to continue, you are probably running out of ideas of what to do, your brothers are annoying you and you just want some time to yourself.

Lots of people are bored with being confined within four walls so Netflix is perfect for killing time.

The best way I find to relax while watching Netflix is lying down with a cover or blanket. It is very cosy and comfy,...

Culture. Harlan Coben has published a new book called The Boy From The Woods

Harlan Coben on moving into TV territory and why he has to write

Even if you’re not an avid reader, you will probably have encountered thriller-writer Harlan Coben’s work.

Jumping seamlessly from more than 30 bestselling novels to a string of top-notch original dramas – he’s the mastermind behind recent Netflix series The Stranger and Safe – he’s worth an estimated $25 million, with more than 70 million books in print and a lucrative contract with...