Being a parent is incredibly rewarding but can also be incredibly hard

Playdate’s Guide to Self Care for Single Parents

Being a parent is incredibly rewarding but can also be incredibly hard. Often, the stresses of parenting can be amplified when you are a single parent, particularly if you have your children with you most or all of the time. It can feel almost impossible to get a moment by yourself to go to the toilet, let alone a couple of hours to pop to the gym, meet up with friends or take up a new hobby...

The BBFC has released new research into attitudes towards swearing

New BBFC research into swearing habits of the UK

The BBFC has released new research into attitudes towards swearing which shows that while the use of strong language is on the rise, parents are keen to protect their children and do not want to see increased use of strong language in media content.

The research, carried out by Magenta, was commissioned to find out if parents would accept more frequent uses of strong* and very strong...

1 in 10 men will suffer some form of Post Natal Depression

65% of Dads Admit That Having Children Negatively Impacted Their Mental Health

Trusted Family Brand and Leading Platform for Dads Commit to Raising Awareness Around Men’s Mental Health and Parenting

According to a recent survey, an alarming 65% of dads admit that having children negatively impacted their mental health, citing the top 5 contributing factors as lack of time, change in relationship dynamic, additional responsibilities, financial issues, and lack...

Top tips for family meals out at a restaurant

Top tips for successfully eating out with the kids

With lockdown lifting slowly, opening up a variety of activities and experiences that we had all taken a little bit for granted before, Lizz Banks co-founder of the Parenting Daily explores the best way to take the kids out for a much needed meal without it turning into chaos!

"I don't know about you, but I am so excited about being able to go to restaurants again! The great British...

Which part of the UK will end up on the naughty list?

Behaviour Study Reveals the Children on Santa's Naughty List

Not going to bed when they’re told, too much screen time, and teasing their siblings are among a few naughty things kids up and down the country have been doing, potentially earning themselves a spot on Santa’s naughty list.

Interested to find out which region has the naughtiest kids this year, experts at conducted a behavioral study.

To carry this out, OnBuy...

PARENTS want schools to do more to educate kids about green issues,

Environmental studies should be part of the curriculum

Parents want schools to do more to educate kids about green issues, with almost half saying that environmental studies should be part of the curriculum, according to a new study.

Mums and dads of youngsters under 16 believe they should be taught about the impact that everyday habits have on the environment and the harm that materials such as plastic do to the eco system.


Children more likely to be bullies or victims with unsupportive parents

Children with unsupportive parents are more likely to be both bullies and victims

Children with unsupportive parents are not just more likely to bully others, but also more likely to have experienced bullying, finds new research from Nazarbayev University. Mehmet Karakus, Associate Professor from the Nazarbayev University ’s Graduate School of Education, and colleagues, explored the relationship between student self-esteem, bullying, and parental support. Participants aged...

Women less confident about breastfeeding

New mums less confident breastfeeding in public due to coronavirus

Following months of lockdown and social distancing, three quarters of breastfeeding mums have now admitted to feeling more cautious about breastfeeding in public, as a direct result of COVID-19.

Shockingly, just over two fifths of mums now feel confident enough to breastfeed their newborn if they were out in public. And with restaurants and bars now re-open, 43% will take measures to...

Helen Skelton and her son

Ten fun summer outdoor activities for kids – with TV’s Helen Skelton

After months out of school during lockdown, children and their weary parents are now faced with yet more time to fill during the holidays.

To help inspire them, The Wild Network has teamed up with TV presenter Helen Skelton and Smart Energy GB to suggest 42 sustainable things to do over the summer.

“I’ve got two young boys, who have been home pretty much the whole time...

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash

Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon on navigating a blended family

The traditional idea of a family unit being two parents, two children, and a dog, is increasingly outdated – and we’ve become much more used to blended families.

Take singer and presenter Stacey Solomon, and her partner, fellow presenter and actor Joe Swash, who have four boys between them, all under one roof: Harry, 13, from Swash’s previous relationship, Zach, 12, and Leighton, 8,...