Who knew that music could help elevate the taste of our foods?

Music can actually make your food taste better

Who knew that music could help elevate the taste of our foods? Well, according to an Oxford University study, it’s been found that certain types of music can help enhance different flavours.

With the festive season in full swing, Wren Kitchens has highlighted the music and recipe pairings that go hand in hand, based on these findings.

According to the Study, which was...

Health tips from Laura Hamilton

Laura Hamilton from A Place in the Sun shares lockdown health tips

A Place in the Sun presenter, Laura Hamilton, has shared her health tips during lockdown. From discovering delicious recipes to online workouts with her 125,000 Instagram followers, the star has been keeping busy at home and is excited about the new series of A Place in The Sun, which starts on 26th April on Channel 4.

Online workouts - “I’m a big advocate of body confidence and...

Parents are worried about weaning their babies

40% of parents don’t think they are feeding their kids the ‘right’ food

A new nationwide survey of 2,000 parents of under-fives, released today by Ella’s Kitchen Brands Limited, reveals how parents across the country are feeling the heat in the kitchen when starting their little one’s weaning journey for the first time.

With parents spending nearly a working day a week (7 hours) preparing their little one’s meals, nearly a quarter (22%) said they find...

Celebrity Joe Wicks at home

Joe Wicks says he has learned patience and tolerance while weaning his daughter

Weaning your child can feel like a daunting prospect. What will they like? What if they choke on something? What if they throw the lovingly-prepared food across the room?

Joe Wicks – aka The Body Coach and now everyone’s favourite online PE teacher – says he felt exactly the same before introducing his daughter Indie, who turns two in July, to solid food.

“I was in the same...

Food writer Jack Monroe has the most genius way of getting her son to eat (almost) everything

Even if you’re the kind of person who will try everything from offal to deep-fried Mars bars, that doesn’t necessarily mean your children will be the same.

Most kids spend years being fussy about what they eat, and that can be an uphill battle for parents.

However, dinner time doesn’t always have to be a struggle, food writer Jack Monroe has learned. In fact, she’s developed...