The hashtag #renewableenergy is achieving a huge 40.7 million views on Tik Tok

Eco-friendly TikTok tricks and the ones you should avoid

From recycling to composting, water saving, and renewable energy hacks, people are using TikTok more than ever to raise awareness on climate change. But with the hashtag #renewableenergy1 achieving a huge 40.7 million views, are green energy hacks really worth investing your time in?

To determine the accuracy of five green energy hacks which appear DIY friendly, compare the market ....

Waste disposal experts are calling for plastic stickers on fruit to be banned

Ban stickers on apples to stop 100 million pieces of waste a week

Waste disposal experts are calling for plastic stickers on fruit to be banned, saving over 100 million extra pieces of waste a week - calling it a ‘fruitless waste’.

According to Great British Apples, around 122,000 tonnes of apples are eaten each year in Britain - which, at an average weight of 80g, approximately 29 million individual apples are sold each week. Combined with other...

Nearly half of all plastic waste generated in the UK each year is from packaging

Nearly half of all plastic waste generated in the UK each year is from packaging

Online shopping accounted for 20% of all retail sales in the UK in January last year, but as millions turned to it for everything from the most basic items to luxury purchases, the number has almost doubled in 2021 to 36%. This means that packaging waste has drastically increased, with nearly half of all plastic waste generated in the UK each year from packaging.

Collecting recent...

The fifteen best cities across the world for recycling

The top 15 greenest cities in the world

The need for recycling has, by now, been fairly well cemented into the minds of the general public. Citizens the world over are aware of what can and cannot be given a new lease of life through the recycling process, and - in countries where there are recycling schemes available - generally act accordingly.

But alongside individual action is what happens at a bigger scale -...

Oxfordshire residents showed the most improvement with their waste recycling efforts

Lockdown drives drop in household recycling

Figures from Local Household Waste Recycling Centres (or ‘tips’ as they’re more commonly known) from across England, show that out of 23 County Councils, 19 recycled less during lockdown than the year before, with only two doing better.

The statistics were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Access Self Storage and can be accessed here . They covered the six-month time...

Batteries still end up at landfills creating problems for the environment

Brits throw away 600 million batteries each year

Batteries can be found all around the house, from inside your TV remotes to powering your children’s toys – but do you know what to do with them when they run out?

Although there are recycling schemes in place, many still end up at landfills creating problems for the environment which can cost local councils a small fortune to fix.

Waste collection specialists BusinessWaste....

Burning masks can be bad for the environment

Time to rethink a ‘burn your facemask’ party - you could damage the environment

Over a year since Covid-19 lockdowns began in the UK. the Great British public has, it seems, grown tired of wearing masks.

So much so, in fact, that many are planning ‘burn your face mask’ parties once lockdown is lifted to mark an end to the havoc wreaked by Covid-19.

Face masks have been mandatory in shops and other indoor areas since July last year, although were being...

Increase in dumping mattresses has caused a rise in landfill waste

Two hundred brand new mattresses sent to landfill each day

The perfect night’s sleep is the ultimate quest for many - but is our growing love of Instagram-friendly mattresses with generous returns policies doing more harm than good?

In recent years, a glut of social media-savvy businesses have sparked a revolution of mattresses fit for the social media age. Bright, modern designs and lofty promises of space-age technology designed to provide...

You could save pounds by switching to a cloth mask

Ditch your Disposable Face Mask and save £190 in 2021

A simple face mask “hack” of swapping disposable single use face masks for washable ones will save the average person £190 in 2021 – and reduce the amount of non-recyclable masks being send to landfill - the weight equivalent of 5 Eiffel Towers.

“Lets face it, we will be wearing face masks throughout 2021, so now is the time to swap single use masks for washable ones – the cost...

Brits struggle to understand recycling symbols

Study Reveals Brits Still Do Not Know How to Recycle

Following Sir David Attenborough’s newest Netflix instalment, A Life On Our Planet, there have been a number of hard-hitting documentaries calling for us to take more responsibility for our planet and environment.

Although plastic pollution across the world has since plummeted , there is no denying the guidance surrounding what can be recycled and what can’t is somewhat confusing,...