Nearly half of all plastic waste generated in the UK each year is from packaging

Nearly half of all plastic waste generated in the UK each year is from packaging

Online shopping accounted for 20% of all retail sales in the UK in January last year, but as millions turned to it for everything from the most basic items to luxury purchases, the number has almost doubled in 2021 to 36%. This means that packaging waste has drastically increased, with nearly half of all plastic waste generated in the UK each year from packaging.

Collecting recent...

The fifteen best cities across the world for recycling

The top 15 greenest cities in the world

The need for recycling has, by now, been fairly well cemented into the minds of the general public. Citizens the world over are aware of what can and cannot be given a new lease of life through the recycling process, and - in countries where there are recycling schemes available - generally act accordingly.

But alongside individual action is what happens at a bigger scale -...

 A quarter of UK businesses are planning to close or downsize their office

Over 15 million empty chairs and desks create furniture furor

A game of musical (empty) chairs, or a landfill disaster? The move toward home working could cause a landfill influx of millions of chairs and desks as offices close or downsize following Covid-19, warns BusinessWaste.co.uk .

The business waste specialists are warning of a mountain of unwanted office furniture making its way to landfill as companies embrace a new way of working - and...

Oxfordshire residents showed the most improvement with their waste recycling efforts

Lockdown drives drop in household recycling

Figures from Local Household Waste Recycling Centres (or ‘tips’ as they’re more commonly known) from across England, show that out of 23 County Councils, 19 recycled less during lockdown than the year before, with only two doing better.

The statistics were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Access Self Storage and can be accessed here . They covered the six-month time...

Increase in dumping mattresses has caused a rise in landfill waste

Two hundred brand new mattresses sent to landfill each day

The perfect night’s sleep is the ultimate quest for many - but is our growing love of Instagram-friendly mattresses with generous returns policies doing more harm than good?

In recent years, a glut of social media-savvy businesses have sparked a revolution of mattresses fit for the social media age. Bright, modern designs and lofty promises of space-age technology designed to provide...

Christmas 2020 could mean that we’re going to be buying and not eating far too much.

Stop fattening up turkeys and reduce food waste for Christmas 2020

It’s going to be a socially distanced Christmas, and this is going to lead to massive food waste.

With fewer people in households celebrating the festive season, it looks like we’re going to be buying – and not eating – far too much Christmas food.

That means, according to food waste collection company BusinessWaste.co.uk , we’ll be wasting more than usual as people scale...

The UK is binning 53,000,000 disposable face masks every single day

53 million disposable face masks are sent to landfill every single day

The UK is binning an incredible 53,000,000 disposable face masks every single day, with reports that many face masks are ending up being carelessly discarded in the street ending up in streams and rivers.

“If you walk around any street now you will see disposable face masks being blown around with leaves in the gutter – they are the new cigarette butt – people are simply chucking...

12.6 million pumpkin carcasses will be heading for landfill

126,000 tonnes of pumpkin waste are heading to landfill this year

With parents tearing their hair out this half term, many have turned to Halloween pumpkin carving to entertain the little ones – however next week the discarded pumpkin carcasses will be heading for landfill, all 12.6 million of them.

“The waste produced at Halloween is incredible, and many people will want to get rid of the stinky rotting pumpkin carcasses fairly quickly after what...