Online searches for rosé wine have increased 27% in the past five years

The UK drinks 50 Olympic swimming pools of rosé wine per year

Rosé wine is set to be the drink of the summer. Online searches for rosé wine have increased 27% in the past five years, with big celebrity names jumping on the trend. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie own a Southern French vineyard, the Château Miraval. Post Malone launched his own rosé brand, Maison 9. It’s clear that rosé wine is the on-trend drink of 2021. And spearheading the rosé race to the...

The UK's demand for premium spirits is on the increase

Are Britons saying no to beer and wine and opting for the top shelf

According to the Global Industry Analysis and Forecast Report to 2020 the global spirit market is dominated by premium and super premium brands. BBC Spirits , a Bordeaux -based distributor anticipates the UK is set follow the USA in its demand for premium spirits. With the US market experiencing accelerated growth in this category for the 10th straight year, spirits gained market share versus...

Status Quo frontman and pop star Francis Rossi. Health.

Francis Rossi on fame, family life and his greatest regrets

Alex Green speaks to veteran rocker Francis Rossi about fame, family life and his greatest regrets.

“I’ve become known as the bloke that spills the beans,” whispers Francis Rossi before emitting a sharp cackle.

Status Quo’s guitarist and songwriter is explaining the premise behind his latest venture – a tell-all tour aptly titled I Talk Too Much. He, of course, is best known...

Don't Let Problem Drinking Ruin Your Relationship

To help families and their drinkers, a west country couple (Lou Lewis and Dr John McMahon) have relaunched Bottled Up, their therapeutic website, as a FREE resource to bring hope and support to families suffering the consequences of problem drinking.

For the last ten years, this highly interactive website has helped drinkers get sober and saved relationships throughout the world....