10 things to keep busy with your family during lockdown

Ten little things to do with the family to make life sweeter

With many parents homeschooling, mums, dads, and carers across the UK are beginning to run out of ideas of what they can do to entertain their children when they are not teaching them.

Here, Gabriella Egleton, UK Brand Marketing Manager for Bebeto sweets, has compiled her top 10 little things you can do to help keep the whole family entertained during free time.

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Tips for parents to get through home schooling in lockdown

Ten tips on how to effectively homeschool

With a third national lockdown closing UK schools, Greg Smith, Head of Operations at Oxford Home Schooling , one of the UK's leading home education providers, has given his 10 top tips on how to effectively homeschool.

1. Take breaks

A bit of experimentation should identify what works best for you and the child. You might find 30-minute blasts followed by 10-minute breaks...

Tips to keeping well during lockdown

How to stay positive in the third lockdown

Although we have now entered into Lockdown 3, Psychotherapist Noel McDermott remains optimistic and applauds people in Britain for complying with restrictions and containing the current second wave. He reassures us that this type of winter spike in infections is normal in pandemics and is as we expected. Infections are not out of control; they are high, and the government is responding to the...

Flower arranging is one of the hobbies being taken up during lockdown

British women learn new hobbies to help them through lockdown

With the UK in the midst of a second lockdown, new research reveals the hobbies women are turning to tackle boredom and develop new skills to pass the time.

The survey of 1,000 UK women, carried out by the UK’s leading independent online florist Serenata Flowers , reveals that half (50%) of British women have taken up a new hobby since the pandemic began, with 67% practicing their...

People face the hardships of home schooling and home working again in lockdown

Working from Home with Kids (Round Two)

As the reality of the next few months sinks in, more parents once again face the hardships of home schooling and home working, we explore how parents can cope with the pressures of working from home with kids (again).

“Our hearts literally sank when the Prime Minister said those words “schools are to close” because we remember what is was like last time – seriously tough times....

Keeping fit through lockdown number three

The secrets to keeping your fitness resolution during the third lockdown

It’s a bleak start to the year. It’s cold outside, you’re broke and you’re stuck at home, making it difficult to kick start your health and fitness resolution. Just because you’re home-bound and on your rump, doesn’t mean you have to let your fitness suffer during lockdown three. Feel Good Contacts has teamed up with Personal Trainer, Badrul Islam to help you to get fit without spending a...

Heroes through the pandemic offering a helping hand

Over 50s take the lead in caring for their communities during lockdowns

During what has been a year we won’t forget, local communities have been forced to come together and help each other through some of the toughest times many people have ever faced. However, throughout it all, one age group in particular has really stepped up to care for their local communities: the over 50s.

Neighbourhood spirit might seem a thing of the past, but the over 50s have...

What to do with Christmas leftovers

Home economist reveals how to create the perfect Christmas dinner

A new investigation by Admiral home insurance has revealed that two thirds (65%) of households in the UK end up with more food than they need at Christmas , and one in 20 people throw excess ingredients in the bin, rather than turning them into other meals.

Admiral has worked with a professional home economist to create an online tool and help families plan ahead to make the perfect...

House warming ideas through lockdown

Tips for Hosting Your Own MTV Cribs Style Virtual House-Warming

Iconic TV show, MTV Cribs, gave the nation a chance to see what life is like for the rich and famous, as we got to explore some of their luxurious homes.

Similarly, when it comes to buying a new home the first thing you want to do is show it off.

However, for those buying homes during lockdown, hosting a traditional face-to-face house-warming isn’t possible.


Top tips to maintain your well-being whilst working from home

WFH tips to help maintain your wellbeing during December

Ezra , one of the leading global providers of digital coaching, has revealed some of their top tips on maintaining and maximising professional and personal wellbeing during December, as the latest tier restrictions keep many working from home with the additional stress of the looming Christmas period.

Working from home can be great but it can also blur the lines between personal and...