Women reported being shamed for being too natural

Women 'risk' grey hair to feel authentic

Many women "risk" allowing natural grey hair to show in order to feel authentic, a new study shows .

Researchers from the University of Exeter surveyed women who chose not to dye their grey hair, and found a "conflict" between looking natural and being seen as competent.

Participants in the study – mostly from English-speaking countries – belonged to online groups whose...

Travel insurance is still important even if you are holidaying in the UK

UK staycations: have you got the right Covid travel cover?

After Boris Johnson reiterated this week that international travel is still banned, there is some confusion on when, and if, UK travellers will get abroad this year.

It is clear, however, that the Government roadmap for England offers the possibility for a staycation from 12 April, even though the decision on foreign travel has been delayed until 17 May.

With campsites,...

The global tourism industry has endured an estimated loss of $753.6bn as a result of Covid

International tourism spend tumbles by $753.6bn in 2020

Research by Hoo , the hotel room offer platform, has estimated that the global tourism industry has endured an estimated loss of $753.6bn as a result of Covid, and that’s across the top 50 countries alone with the total impact likely to be far higher.

Hoo analysed data from the World Tourism Organization on international tourism receipts across the top 50 global tourism destinations...

Help is available for renters who are struggling to keep up with payments

Renter's rights during the Coronavirus lockdown

As the Coronavirus lockdown continues to increase financial strain on the nation, it can be difficult to understand what help is on hand for renters who are struggling to keep up with payments.

Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert at money.co.uk said: “It’s really important to know that if you’re in rented accommodation and are facing financial difficulty due to the coronavirus...

These are the smells that most remind people of a holiday

THESE summer-scented room sprays remind us most of holidays

A year of not travelling abroad has certainly taken its toll on us Brits, and with holidays abroad still up in the air, who knows when we’ll next get our proper dose of summer?

For anyone missing that holiday feeling (and who isn’t?), experts at GoodMove and NV Candles are bringing summer holidays to you, with the creation of three summer scented room sprays to bring sunshine to your...

28% would like to work from home permanently in the future

Most of Us Still Aren't Properly Equipped to Work from Home

The last year has seen many businesses temporarily swap their office space for a remote set-up to adhere to social distancing measures. But how has this been working out for employees, and could businesses adjust to this new way of working on a permanent basis? A survey of 2,000 British office workers conducted by Currys PC World in collaboration with Canon revealed people’s attitudes towards...

Manage your pets anxiety as we head out of lockdown

Peaceful pooches during Pet Anxiety Month

As children return to school, pets purchased over lockdown are set to experience heightened levels of anxiety as owners prepare for normality to return as the UK heads out of lockdown, according to leading pet care brand Bob Martin, which has issued a warning to pandemic puppy owners.

Coinciding with Pet Anxiety Awareness Month in March, research has shown a quarter of Brits have...

Upheaval from bustling offices to isolated homes has had significant effects on those working from home

Employee wellness lessons learnt in a year of working from home

23rd March 2021 marks one year since Boris Johnson announced the first Covid-19 lockdown in the UK and ordered people to stay at home. At the time, the Prime Minister said he was confident the country could turn the tide of coronavirus in 12 weeks, but after a year of lockdowns, bubbles and tiers, the UK’s workforces are still working from what were supposed to be temporary home offices....

Around 27% of Brits say they're more concerned about the way they look now

Pressure on to look good when we come out of lockdown?

While some of us embraced pyjamas, loungewear and other comfy favourites during lockdown, others have struggled. Around 27% of Brits say they're more concerned about the way they look now, compared to 11% who aren't. And while June 21st, the end of lockdown in the UK, should be a huge reason to celebrate, it also sadly has many people feeling pressured, with Google searches for 'June 21st...

UK office workers value their new norm of working from home

UK office workers would give up promotions, benefits and pay increases to work from home

Research from Ezra , one of the leading global providers of digital coaching, has found that UK office workers value their new norm of working from home so much that many would forsake career progression, company benefits and even a pay rise to maintain it.

Last week, oil giant BP announced it would introduce a hybrid working scheme once lockdown restrictions are eased, expecting...