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Plan a halloween trail this year with the children

Halloween fun in the age of Covid

With different parts of the country under different lockdown rules, the idea of celebrating Halloween may seem an impossibility.

But Catherine Lynch of education experts PlanBee says you can keep your children spooked out – and stay within the law.

Halloween 2020 is going to be a bit different to previous years. Groups of childrenputting their hands into several bowls of...

Lady wearing face mask

Brits are one of the least likely to wear face masks in the world

Brits, Americans and other English speakers are some of the least likely to wear face masks and social distance to combat the spread of covid-19, according to new research from Durham University Business School. The only native speakers, researched by the academics, less likely to follow health precautions are German speakers.

The research was conducted by Sascha Kraus, Professor of...

Man wearing PPE at art gallery

How the world’s most famous art galleries are adapting to the pandemic

It’s been a stormy summer so far for the world’s museums and galleries.

Since lockdowns began in February and March, many cultural institutions have been haemorrhaging money, and many have still not reopened. London’s Tate Modern, for example, is slated to restart on July 27, while the Museum of Modern Art in New York will stay shuttered until late August at the earliest.


Lady eating at restaurant

Pre-paid meals and ‘hairdresser style’ rebooking could be the answer for pubs and restaurants

Pubs and restaurants may have to ask customers to prepay for their meals if they are going to survive under social distancing measures, argues Phil Mills, head of food and drink at financial experts Old Mill.

Mills, who works with businesses across the food and drink sector, says he thinks things will have to change quite significantly if restaurants, pubs and cafes and their...

Serving drinks with mask at nightclub

Nightclubs and bars around the world are adapting to Covid-19

Nightlife has been at the pointy end of the coronavirus crisis, and the world’s clubs and bars are having to get creative to avoid empty chairs at empty tables.

These are some of the strangest measures put in place by venues to ensure the show can go on…

Seated dancing

You could have bodybuilders for bouncers and a dance floor the size of a football pitch, and there...

Lady at hairdressers

This is what hair appointments could look like when salons reopen

In a move that caused whoops of joy and sighs of relief up and down the country, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed hair salons will be able to reopen from Saturday, July 4.

It’s hard to say who is more relieved at the news – hairdressers who’ve been out of work for three months, or customers who’ve endured DIY disaster cuts and dye jobs at home.

But one thing’s for...

Golf for fathers day

Five socially-distanced ideas for celebrating Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a special time of year. Not only is it an opportunity to say thanks to someone who raised you, it’s also usually a great opportunity to gather the whole family together.

Obviously, this year is different, and we won’t be able to treat dad to a pint at the local pub and a Sunday lunch with all the trimmings. With social distancing rules still in place, many of us won’t...

woman shopping

Eight out of ten people will continue to shop locally more often

Eight out of ten consumers who shopped locally during the coronavirus lockdown intend to continue their new habit once the crisis is over, a new co-op study shows.

One in three (30 per cent) say they have used local retailers more since the pandemic struck and 80 per cent of them aim to carry on shopping this way in the future, according to a YouGov poll released today (18 June 2020...

Moving home lady in bedroom

Moving home tops the stress level chart

52% of the nation feel moving home is one of the most stressful life events and with the additional requirements of social distancing and other pandemic based procedures, it’s just got a whole lot more stressful. When it comes to moving, 28% find it more stressful than having a baby, getting married, going to job interviews, doing a driving test. It also beats waiting for what was the biggest...

Office party

Office Christmas Parties Cancelled 

Large gatherings of people are likely to be restricted for the foreseeable future, and this is leading to those who have forward-booked large work and office parties being told their party plans will not now happen.

“Just as we thought 2020 could not get much worse, we’ve had to cancel our Christmas party – as have many of our clients. Our party venue isn’t sure how social distancing...