Declutter wardrobe at home

Eight tips for tackling a wardrobe clear-out

Lockdown is undoubtedly difficult and draining, but luckily, there are plenty of creative things to do for entertainment while you’re waiting out the pandemic – like finally tackling those niggly bits of house admin you’ve been putting off.

A good place to start is your wardrobe. A clean, organised, streamlined closet is not only nice to look at, but can offer a little slice of calm...

Shopping Habits

Has the pandemic changed our shopping and spending habits forever?

The nation’s shopping habits have undergone dramatic changes in recent weeks. More people have turned to home deliveries and have been trying out new ways of ordering, while many are also looking for ways to cut their spending due to a reduced household income.

And with many having adjusted to new shopping routines, evidence is now emerging that some of the new shopping and spending...

Michael Caines chef MBE

Chef Michael Caines on life in lockdown

"The soul feels like it’s been ripped out of me. The fact that you can’t entertain the guests and cook and do the things you love can be quite difficult but that said we are now thinking out of that survival mode.."

Celebrity chef Michael Caines MBE is in reflective mood.

Just ten days short of his luxury country hotel and restaurant’s third anniversary, he was forced to...

VE Day

VE Day at 75 – the largest, saddest party the world has ever known

At 3pm on May 8, 1945, Winston Churchill sat in front of a microphone in No. 10 Downing Street, and declared in typically gruff tones that the war against Nazi Germany had been won.

A week after Hitler had taken his own life in a bunker beneath Berlin, the remnants of the regime under Grand Admiral Dönitz had surrendered, and the Third Reich was officially no more.


Lockdown woman in mask

The five corona crisis moments we’ve all been through

During lockdown, our emotions are on a roller coaster, there’s no two ways about it.

And while some days we’ll be feeling quite balanced, following a routine and getting things done, there are likely to be ‘corona crisis’ moments where we find our emotions flip like a switch.

Suddenly, there’s anger or upset, tears of frustration, or just plain anguish that something is not...

Richard & Judy celebrity relationships

Richard and Judy say in all marriages things can get tense

Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan are used to being in each other’s pockets.

The husband-and-wife duo have worked together since they met in 1982 (they both worked for Granada Television at the time), including over a decade as the presenters of ITV hit This Morning.

So, they’re the perfect people to advise couples on how to cope whilst stuck together in lockdown, during the...

Family at meal time

What is the best way to make healthy meals the whole family will enjoy?

Like many parents, I’ve got to feed the rest of my family as well as my baby. What’s the easiest way to make healthy food they’ll all eat?

Mum-of-three Rachel Boyett, author of Little Veggie Eats, says: “Cooking meals for all the family to eat is the easiest way to get the whole family eating healthy food. It saves you cooking twice, and it helps to signal to your baby that this is...

Celebrity Sam Smith on Stage

Sam Smith - I’m liking myself for the first time

No-one would deny it’s been a big year for Sam Smith.

First, the 27-year-old pop star came out as non-binary, a decision that prompted both praise and confusion from the public and media. Then they delayed their much-anticipated third album, To Die For, due to the pandemic, making the decision to scrap the title to avoid any disrespect.

More generally, the final months of...

Grandmother with her family

The emotional toll lockdown is taking on grandparents

For many people, one of the hardest parts of the coronavirus lockdown has been not being able to see family – and that’s been especially difficult for grandparents, who often live alone and depend on close family contact.

Some grandparents have taken extreme measures just to have physical contact with their grandchildren – a Californian grandmother and grandfather were so desperate...

Rainbow on rainy days at home

Seven reasons why rainy days in lockdown can be a good thing

The weather has the power to change our mood – from joy-inducing sunshine, to the thrill of opening the curtains to snow on a winter’s day.

That is not so much the case with rain, which can turn our plans upside down, and leave us housebound when we wanted to be outdoors. This is especially true during lockdown, when time outside is so very precious.

Suddenly garden time,...